Is A-Rod Starring in A Movie With Girlfriend Cameron Diaz? Find Out!

March 28, 2011

Is Cameron Diaz pulling all her strings to get a role in a movie? Not for her though, but for her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez aka A-Rod. Is she starring with him? What is the movie about? Keep reading to know all the details about A-Rod’s movie break, his co-star and more!

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New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez also known as A-Rod is already a star in the United States, even more famous he became when he started dating one of America’s sweethearts, the fabulous Cameron Diaz. They really have gained a whole different celebrity couple status, in Hollywood and Sports. Some remember the Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers holding the trophy and his WWE belt, but we can’t forget A-Rod and Cammy eating popcorn watching the great game at Cowboys Stadium. How great would it be if these two could star in a movie together? Oh yeah, I thought you would be saying those words.

We all loved Cameron in My Sister’s Keeper but the memory that comes to my mind when thinking about her in There is Something About Mary and her pointy hair with Ben Stiller’s own ‘hair gel’, Yikes! But pretty funny, romantic comedies are her expertise which is exactly what she has in mind for her and her third baseman beau!

Ok, first of all let’s not get too excited I know I am actually asking for a lot, but really while A-rod in a movie with Cameron is a possibility, in other words the pie is still cooking, when it is ready we will definitely share it with you, but in the meantime let us tell you all the rumors that a source close to her has been talking about Diaz’s new comedy which includes a baseball player who might or might not be A-Rod!!

“Cameron actually has an idea for a romantic comedy set around Major League Baseball. She’s very excited about developing her own projects and the fact this one is about a baseball player means she has good reason to spend more time with A-Rod and the Yankees. She’s even thinking that Alex could star in the movie with her.”

Oh please let this be a reality, I would love to see their amazing chemistry on the big screen!! What about you, would you like to see A-Rod and Cameron in a movie together?

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