Weird Roadside Attractions Throughout the United States

March 26, 2011

Many Americans like to take trips by car and some of the fun is seeing weird roadside attractions. I enjoy seeing different things, but some of these spots are just plain creepy!

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From big balls of yarn to ventriloquist museums, you can see almost anything you can imagine. However, some of the sights I found you may not want to see.

Depending on where in the country you are driving you could prolong your trip by stopping at some interesting places, to say the least. The northeast is home to many weird roadside attractions including “Hunt Bigfoot with a Redneck” and the Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum. I am not a fan of clowns, and to me a lot of the dummies look creepy and remind me of Chucky. There is also a huge Dinosaur Kingdom in Virginia.

As for the southwest, other than being a traditional tourist in Florida, you can see the World’s Largest Peanut in Georgia or the World’s Largest Chair in Alabama. There are also a bunch of civil war memorials and space center sights for the more traditional travelers.

When you head out towards the southwest there are many popular stops, including the Grand Canyon with the new skywalk. However, some of the stranger ones you may not have heard of include Cadillac Ranch, a London Bridge and the Museum of Death!

Lastly if you find yourself in a car in the northwest of our nation, including Hawaii and Alaska here are some of the things you may NOT want to see. The island state has the Tsunami Clock of Doom and Alaska has Igloo City. If you stay in the other northern states you can try a volcano toilet or the Ax Murder House!

Check out this site here that can help you if you want to plan a few intriguing stops on your next road trip!

All you have to do is search the web for bizarre places along the roads you will be driving. Have you been to any of these weird roadside attractions or any other crazy ones? Tell me what you think of these and if you have photos I would love to see them!

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