Tim Tebow Is Modeling Jockey Underwear

March 26, 2011

Tim Tebow is already a model for Jockey, but is it true that he will be modeling their underwear now? Are photos of him in his undies been revealed yet? What other Sporting news are there this week? NCAA Tournament? Deion Sanders weighed in on Dez Bryant? Chad Ochocinco joining the MLS? Updates about the Arnold Palmer invitational? Check out these and more interesting news in our story below.

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Huffington Post said 23 year-old Tim Tebow is not getting bored at all during the NFL off season. The 6’3″ quarterback for the Denver Broncos started his sponsorship with Jockey last year, at that time it was not clear what product Tim would be modeling, but now for sure undies are included.

Anything Hollywood comes with the news about Jessica Simpson and her fiancĂ©e Eric Johnson, you probably remember not long ago his ex-wife said Jess’ beau was completely broke, so is that the explanation for her to get him into signing a pre-nup?

Newsone reported that the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver might put his NFL career on hold, why? Because he might be joining the MLS reserve team.

Bumpshack told us what WWE Hulk Hogan was doing at American Idol, and who did he punch in the face, Was it Ryan seacrest? If so why?

BlackSports Online has the shocking news about Deion Sanders slashing on Dez Bryant saying he seriously needs help, asap!

TMZ has the new about A-Rod’s apartment complex possibly getting a police warning, wait what? He owns an apartment complex? Yes he does, even if he doesn’t remember.

Showbizspy has more Tiger Woods news — this one regarding his new girlfriend Alyse Lahti Johnston, her criminal past and Elin threatening to get full custody of their children.

The Orlando Sentinel is questioning whether Tiger Woods will or will not win the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, what do you think?

NESN helps you get all the details you might have missed about the NCAA Tournament in the fight for the Elite Eight.

And now back to Tim Tebow modeling Jockey underwear, some people over at SBNation are wondering if the matter about Tim modeling the undies will make people want to buy them or throw them away, what do you think?

Hope you have enjoy ed this sporting news segment, we’ll see you next time with the latest news in the world of sports.

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Photos: Wikipedia.org/ J. Glover, Atlanta, Georgia; wikipedia.org/ Jeffrey Beall

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