Laura Vikmanis: NFL’s Oldest Cheerleader Gets Movie Deal!

March 25, 2011

Cincinnati Bengals’ cheerleader Laura Vikmanis is the oldest one in the NFL and her inspiring story has just landed her a movie deal. It really is one heck of a tale, that is for sure.

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Two years ago at age 40 Laura made the Ben-Gals squad and now her story of how she became a black and orange pom pom chica is going to be made into a big screen film. I have to say it sounds really freaking cool to me. I mean to go out for the squad at her age was pretty sweet in itself but to actually make it is awesome!

I am not a fan of the Bengals so I don’t know that much about Vikmanis. What I do know is that along with shaking her thing on the field for Cincinnati’s football team she is also a mother, dietician and trainer. However, thanks to New Line Cinema we will all know more about Laura as they are turning her story into a movie. In an interview with Yahoo News that I read recently she simply said that she went out for the squad because she thought it looked like fun. Something tells me that this film is going to be one of those that not only inspires me but makes me feel good as well.

Hats off to Laura for going out for NFL cheerleading later in life, especially when it is usually reserved for those young chicks, which can I say she looks just as good as those young-ins. I for one cannot wait to see to see the film and learn more about Vikmanis. There is no word on production, release date, etc for the movie but keep your eyes and ears open because it will be a must see.

If you have any information on Laura and her story please feel free to share!

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