NCAA Tournament: What’s Your Prediction?

March 24, 2011

March madness continues with the Sweet 16 beginning tonight and the Elite 8 taking place over the weekend. That means things are beginning to wind down for the NCAA Tournament so it is prediction time!


We are a little over a week away from the final game of the tourney and I know trying to pick a winner when we haven’t even made it through the Sweet 16 might be seem a little crazy. However if you are a believer then you already know who is going home a winner on April 4th. Let me just get this out of the way before I continue I really don’t follow college bball at all. I did however do a bracket. Yes I am one of those people.

That being said my prediction is that either North Carolina or Duke will go all the way and take home the top honor for the year. Why given my little knowledge of the game would I pick those two particular teams? Well let me tell you. I just randomly picked so now they are the teams I am rooting for, I hear a whole bunch of moans and groans from you diehard fans. I mean come on I don’t get to play cause I don’t follow the game I don’t think so mama needs a new coach bag! Besides all that it does make having to sit through these games on TV, thanks boyfriend, so much easier. It gives me someone to root for. I would actually choose my college if we ever made it to any kind of tournament but the only thing we are good at when it comes to basketball is constantly sucking.

You now know who I think is going to win, whether you think my methods are genius or not doesn’t matter I got my teams. All I need now is for you to share with me your pick and of course if you want to share why you made that choice I would love it hear it!

Photos: Devorah

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