Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Alyse Lahti Johnson Did Crayon Drawings of Him Since Childhood

March 24, 2011

Whatever the reason for Alyse Lahti Johnston’s friends to say she was not into him were mistaken, after all to be Tiger Woods’ girlfriend was her fantasy since childhood (okay maybe not), the drawings she made of Tiger have been revealed and things are about to get very interesting.

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First we heard Tiger Woods is moving on with his life and got himself an Elin look-alike girlfriend (but really she doesn’t look like her), Alyse Lahti Johnston, the stepdaughter of Woods’ International Management Group (IMG) former vice-chairman who is the responsible for his endorsement with Nike, who is by far one of his last sponsors after so many have left him due to his affair scandal, (they don’t want to confirm it but we all know that is the real cause), this means that Tiger knows Mr. Johnston ever since he was 21 years old. He signed with Nike in 1996, and this also means his girlfriend, who is 13 years younger, was a cute 7 or 8 year-old blond girl. If she liked golf at that young of an age and Woods was a golf icon she certainly thought about him, maybe not in a romantic way but idolized him just like you probably idolized Ana Kounikova or Gabrielle Reece if you are a guy and if you are a girl you probably idolized Wayne Gretzky, Andre Agassi, ok that might be a bit romantic, oh well who am I fooling maybe Alyse fantasized about him in that same way too.

The thing about that rumor is that there is no such thing! According to UsWeekly a so-call friend of hers told them that she has been into him ever since she was little, allegedly the friend said she used to make drawings of him with crayons

“She used to draw good luck pictures for Tiger before his tournaments. They had photos in their house of their family with Tiger. But Alyse never said she was interested in him! “They started dating around New Year’s Eve after seeing each other at one of her dad’s functions.” that friend said.

Maybe even sent them to him by mail, that meant walking a few steps to leave the letter in his mailbox since you know her mother and stepfather are next door neighbors. But what proof do we have about those drawings? Zero, so you can make your own decision about believing that rumor or dismiss it and continue to think she will wave home bye-bye very soon, so what is it going to be?

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