Lawrence Taylor Talks Prostitution In Shocking Interview Video!

March 18, 2011

Former NY Giants player Lawrence Taylor went on the Studio B with Shepard Smith show and basically talked prostitution. That in itself would make for a shocking interview but OMG he totally shared too much information which made the shock value even higher.

Lawrence Taylor

If you haven’t seen the video footage from Taylor’s rant on prostitution, which is basically what it was, then you really need to watch the below videos. Let’s just say he decides to express his feelings on paying for companionship. I have watched the video and the whole thing is first of all very awkward. Beyond that though Lawrence’s attitude seems very cavalier or like hey this is no big deal, which I am sure to many it isn’t. They don’t call it the oldest profession in the world for nothing right?

However the man did just get convicted of sexual misconduct and patronizing an underage prostitute on Monday and is now a registered sex offender on probation. Obviously he didn’t learn a thing from the experience because he thinks he did nothing wrong in that case, according to him he just simply made a call to get a little action. That my friends isn’t even the part where I was like wtf, although at this point I am like what a jerk. It was really when he kind of goes into a rant about prostitution literally talking about how you never know what type of girl you are going to get and how he does it clean, that got me. Really Lawrence I don’t need to know that much about your sex life and again it was his demeanor throughout the whole entire interview that just really struck a nerve with me.

Paying for sex is a very loaded subject I completely understand that and everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I personally just don’t like the way Lawrence talked about it. That is what I have to say on the subject how about you?

Lawrence Taylor 2Lawrence Taylor 3


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