Ray Allen Is A Bloody Mess After Elbow During Game – Must See Video

March 22, 2011

The game between the Celtics and the Knicks brought many mixed emotions last night, the Knicks lost and the Celtics ended up with their star player Ray Allen with a bloody head after a brutal elbow hit him during the game, Have you seen that video? Then check it out right here.

Ray Allen

The Knicks are under a cloud and that is no lie, they can’t see the light of victory anywhere, their game against the Celtics was no exception and they lost 96-86 to Boston, but they left the arena tainted.

Ok that was way too dramatic, but they really can’t win a game, fans expected great things with Melo on the team but even with him there aren’t any, and what about the tainted part? Well a nasty elbow to Ray Allen’s head is what I am talking about.

Ray Allen’s beautiful shaven head was partially covered with blood after Jared Jeffries’ elbow ended on his head after both jumped to get the ball, the hit didn’t look that hard and mostly non intentional, even the referee didn’t stop the game but after the cameras showed Allen again it was all a bloody mess. No worries he was tended to immediately, not by his mother but by the medical staff although she looked like she was about to get in there any second.

“Even when I went down, it was pouring blood out. For that 15 minutes, an excruciating headache.” Said Allen.

He went to the locker room afterwards, came back with a bandage on his head and continued playing. After the game he received 7 stitches, and he was not the only one who left the game with an ugly mark on his head, Knicks Carmelo Anthony had a cut above his eye, the result of the impact after he collided with Rajon Rondo. Melo had five stitches.

But who could get pampered was Glen Davis who went to the floor after another elbow knocked him down, Oh! Glen you people said it was an imaginary elbow but we saw it, We love you and I am sure your stunning girlfriend Jenna Gomez will be pampering you!

Well so the worst part was for Ray Allen and the elbow to his shiny head, video is below so check it out!

Ray Allen 1Ray Allen 1 2

Ah why not here is Melo’s bloody video as well as Glen’s near injury below.

Photos: Wikipedia.org/User:Chrisjnelson, http://www.flickr.com/photos/27003603@N00/2310465507/

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