Will Alyse Lahti Johnston Dump Tiger Woods?

March 23, 2011

Is Tiger Woods’ new “girlfriend” moving in with him? Is she interested in his money? Why are her friends saying she is not that into him? Is she looking for a new sugar daddy? But then why are some saying she is moving in with him? Find all the inside details behind the love story between Tiger and his new girlfriend Alyse Lahti Johnston.

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So we reported just recently about the famous golfer dating Alyse, the same 22-year-old girl who people are referring to as an Elin look-alike, which to me no way, don’t get me wrong here I think she is beautiful but she doesn’t look like Ms. Nordegren and I am not alone in that many people disagree with the alleged similarities, media has reported that they are having a fabulous time aboard his yacht with friends, but there have been also other friends who said that yes their friend loves to party, she likes having a great time with her boyfriend, but they said she is not really into him, ouch!

Here is what these sources close to Ms. Lahti said…

“She sent a BBM to a mutual friend of ours saying she didn’t consider herself Tiger’s girlfriend. They were just having a good time hooking up. She is a really nice girl, smart and super friendly. And she’s also a bit of a wild child. She definitely likes to have fun.”

Some said that she might be after his money or securing her financial status, but the same source had something to say about that.

“Alyse wouldn’t care about Tiger’s money. That’s never motivated her and she comes from a very well-to-do family anyway. She just wants to have a good time and lots of fun. I can definitely see her considering sleeping with Tiger a lot more fun than a relationship with him.”

So not into him and not after the bank account either, so she might be getting ready for a new sugar daddy when the party with Woods is over? Allegedly of course! But how come some sources said she is moving in with him? Wait a second not moving in he is moving on with his life, almost got you!

I guess that she might not be into him anymore after all her police history became a popular topic all over the internet. She did feel humiliated and surely wanted to die when she was arrested for an alleged DUI, I guess she must feel pretty bad now that everybody all over the world knows about that. Do you think that is reason enough for Alyse to dump her boyfriend? Do you think she might get serious in this relationship with Tiger? Wedding bells? Well, you have seen her mugshot, but we found some other pictures of Alyse that you probably would like to see.

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