Penguins’ Matt Cooke Elbows Rangers’ Ryan McDonagh: Must See Video

March 21, 2011

Penguins bad boy Matt Cooke has done it again and gotten himself in a lot of trouble, what is it that he did? He elbowed New York Rangers player Ryan McDonagh in the face, and now consequences can be brutal, but check it out yourself, you can see the Cooke/ McDonagh elbow video that people are talking so much about.

Matt CookeRyan McDonagh

The Canadian 32 year old Matt Cooke is an amazing hockey player for the Pittsburgh Penguins, a loving husband to Michelle and caring father to Gabby, Reece Lynn and Jackson, highly involved in his foundation but it seems that the intensity he puts in his game got him in deep trouble.

Hockey has always seen at least one violent tackle in a game, many of these have been done by Matt Cooke and the NHL is about to explode.

Just a few months ago it was the Columbus Blue Jackets’ Fedor Tyutin. This brutal hit awarded him a four game suspension and before that it was Alexander Ovechkin, Mark Savard, Erik Cole, Andrei Markov, Rick Dipietro and a few others that might be on the tip of your tongue right now.

Sunday’s elbow in the face from Cooke will for sure get him in a lot of trouble, it’s not because the hit was as brutal as others we have seen on him, but I think the NHL will feel pressure for many that expect them to punish Cooke more severely this time. They wanted a 10 game suspension for the hit on Tyutin, he only got four and that certainly made many very disappointed at the NHL.

The Vancouver Sun for example sent a direct message to Colin Campbell, senior vice president of the NHL, they said Wake-Up Call: Throw the book at Penguins’ Matt Cooke, the question is will he ever?

Others put excuses on Matt’s latest hit by saying it wasn’t that bad after all 21 year old McDonagh was not hurt and he did come back to the game, but maybe this is not about how bad it was but how shady his intentions were, hockey is supposed to be a beautiful, intense sport not like this.

What will happen to Cooke now? Still uncertain, but I won’t be too excited about him getting a 10 game suspension this time either, I’ll say 6 maybe, what do you think? Here is the video of Cooke’s elbow on McDonagh and a few others of his collection

Matt Cooke 1

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