Sports Reporter Kevin Provencher Jailed For Prostitution Ring!

March 15, 2011

Kevin Provencher is the New Hampshire Union Leader reporter who was arrested a few years ago for running a prostitution ring, two years after he pleaded guilty and sentenced to jail. Keep reading to know all the details behind this story.


The 53 year old sports reporter worked for 23 years at New Hampshire Union Leader until July 2009 when he was arrested for running a prostitution ring in two states in the U.S and Canada.

July 29, 2009 was the date when Mr. Provencher stood against the jury, the prostitution ring that he was operating became a regular client at Spring Hill Hotel, certainly without them knowing but became suspicious when Kevin rented a room on Thursday and Friday, saying that his wife or girlfriend will use that room while he was working. That was a good excuse, but how can he explain when not only one girl used the room and several guys are there? Busted!

Police discovered the whole thing when they rented the room next to them, heard the noises, and got the men and two prostitutes. According to one of these women she responded to one ad in craigslist where a position in an escort agency was hiring. Her job audition took place at a hotel and the person who auditioned her was allegedly Kevin with whom she had sexual intercourse as part of the interview.

She would allegedly get half of the money she received and the other half would go to her employer we are talking about $400. Customers answered the ads in,, eroticreview and You can see the full complaint here.

He was arrested for suspicion of prostitution and suspended from work as a reporter. At that time he pleaded not guilty and ordered to pay a $10,000 bail and a year in probation. But after that not only did he have two counts of deriving support from a prostitute on him but five more including intimidating a witness (other charges were two counts of solicitation for prostitution and two counts of procuring a person into prostitution).

Now nearly two years later, he has changed his statement and has plead guilty, he will serve about two and a half years in jail.

arrested 1arrested 2


**note* the men in these pictures are not Kevin Provencher.

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