Top 10 Bicycle Kicks: Must See Videos!

March 20, 2011

Bicycle kicks are one of the most amazing, memorable and artistic kicks in soccer. There is no more overwhelming way to score a goal than with those kicks, for that reason we have come to our top picks so here they are – the 10 best bicycle kicks, like then? Hate them? Pick your choice and add your own.

Bicycle Kick

Before we get started let me tell you a bit about the bicycle kicks, in the United States and Europe the famous kick is the moment when a football or soccer player scores a goal in a backwards position, one leg is forward kicking the ball and the other a bit back giving the illusion of riding a bike. In Spanish this kick is known as tiro de chilena or chilenita and yes we Latinos love it.

Number 10
Zlatan Ibramovivh for AC Milan scored a beautiful goal against Fiorentina last November, they won 1-0.

Number 9
Brazilian soccer player Ronaldinho scored one of his many bicycle goals against Villareal while he was playing with Barcelona.

Number 8
This is one of the best kicks I have ever seen, it took place back in 1986 and was by the amazing leg of Marco Van Basten, Ajax player. They crushed Den Bosch 3-1.

Number 7
A very pretty strong kick came in 1996 by Argentinean Hernan Crespo who with the rest of his River Plate teammates defeated Crystal 5-2.

Number 6
MLS players have scored several amazing kicks and because of that we gathered some of the best goals by the feet of Marcelo Balboa, Dewayne DeRosario, Carlos Ruiz and my fellow Salvadorean Mauricio Cienfuegos while he played with Galaxy, his is the second goal.

Number 5
Another Brazilian, Rivaldo, also with Barcelona did this impressive shot against Valencia in 2001.

Number 4
The fourth place goes to two players who scored a goal for their team when both did a bicycle kick at the same time, that’s right Argentina’s teams Boca Juniors and Gimnasia were facing each other last April and both Gim’s players Marco Perez and Sebastian Romero scored but just one got credit for it.

Number 3
21 year old Scottish player David Goodwillie playing for Dundee United scored a sensational goal against Motherwell.

Number 2
Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney reminded fans why he is such an amazing player with his bike kick in February 2011 against Manchester City.

Number 1
You probably thought Wayne was going to be our first pick right? Well for me there is no better player than the great Pele and his bicycle kicks are legendary, I have always thought Brazilian players do the samba while playing, and Pele was a genius doing that, I found this amazing compilation of his goals including our number one pick, enjoy!

Which is your favorite? Can you think of any kick that we have forgotten? Tell us all of your thoughts and ideas in the box below.

PeleRivaldoRonaldinhoWayne Rooney 1 2Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Photos: Brengola- Diena, DB

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