Barry Bonds’ Messages to Kimberly Bell Revealed! Real or Fake?

March 13, 2011

Former MLB player Barry Bonds was allegedly involved with Kimberly Bell, his girlfriend and later mistress when he married but continued to see her. In the past she has opened up about her relationship with Bonds and just today the messages that confirmed their relationship has been revealed!!!

Barry Bonds

Kimberly Bell, a graphic designer, allegedly said she was involved with the former 42 year old San Francisco left fielder for almost ten years (1994-2003) first as his girlfriend and then she became his mistress since he remarried, but they continued to see each other.

The first we heard about Ms. Bell was back in 2005 when she had an interview with Geraldo Rivera, but before that she testified about having a relationship with him, she talked and confirmed his use of steroids and the changes she noticed in his body but that she never admitted to her beau because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. You can see that interview right here.

Two years after that we found out she was inside the pages of Playboy Magazine, November 2007 edition. You can see Kimberly Bell’s Playboy pictures here. Almost four years later we almost forgot about her and her whole alleged affair with Bonds, but she was not ready to say goodbye to life in the spotlight and now we heard about her once again, this time she brings the messages Barry sent her. Remember some of these messages were left after Kimberly told prosecutors about the rage he released and the use of steroids so some will be very offensive, they were meant to be used in his trial, but the judge finds them irrelevant.

“Yo, hey, I just called your work,” Bonds supposedly says in one voice mail. “I’ll call you a little later after I do this commercial shoot, so you better explain to me where the f— you are!” In another message, the voice pleads, “I’m starting to get upset…very upset…. Where in the f— are you?”

“Kim, I just paged you “… now I’m pissed,” Bonds said in one message. “I don’t give a (expletive) what, you better just find me. But if I page you, your a$$ better drop every (expletive) thing and call me back.”

Hey, you know I hate talking to this thing. You know I can’t take it if I don’t know where you are. Later.

You better reach out and page me once in a while or you’re up to something other than that. Girl, I ain’t playing.

As you can see they are indeed not flattering for him, and there isn’t any relevance to his alleged drug use, I think it is fair about not using them for his trial, or do you think they should be use? Do you think these messages are real or fake?

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