Hooters’ National Hooky Day for NCAA Tournament: They’ll Give You A Doctor’s Note?

March 16, 2011

Want to see the NCAA Tournament but you can’t because you gotta go to work? Bummer, but no worries. Hooters has a solution to solve all of your problems, and brought Nurse Ashleigh in to fill a doctor’s note so you can get out of work sick! So now you can join her and all the stunning Hooters girls during their National Hooky Day for the NCAA Tourney. Here is how you can do it.

Hooters 1

The Men’s College Tournament 2011 also known as the NCAA Tournament will start March 17 and 18, many will be watching at home while others unfortunately one will be at work, Boo Hoo!

Well Hooters takes care of everything and watches out for all of their dear loyal customers and because of that the Hooters girls in their wild uniforms are ready to receive all the NCAA fans with a free appetizer and will make sure all of them can have their share, by giving you a doctor’s note so you can get out of work, without getting in trouble, because allegedly you will be sick.

This certainly doesn’t sound bad at all but is it legal??? I am not sure about that, but still I will fill you in with all the details behind this offer just in case you want to break the law! According to them you will be doing it for a good cause.

The promotion is called Hooters National Hooky Day, how do you know if you are up to entering their facility? Just ask yourself have I been feeling sick about basketball? What are your symptoms? If the answer is yes and you have any of the conditions below then your are severely ill about basketball and Hooters can cure you. These are the illness they will be taking care of..

*Hoops Hysteria *Basketball Fever *Bracket Madness *Dribbling Dementia *Shooters Elbow.

And making sure you will be 100% cured, they will give you a free appetizer because it’s doctor recommended. And what do you have to do to enjoy this benefit? Go to Hooters.com and click on their NCAA promotion and fill out their survey. If you win Nurse Ashleigh will be waiting for you! Check her out right here.

So will you be taking part of Hooters’ National Hooky Day? What are your symptoms? What is your favorite team? Hey if you are lucky, perhaps some of the girls in these photos will be treating you, caution!!! By looking at the pictures your symptoms might get worse.

Hooters 1 1Hooters 2Hooters 3Hooters 4Hooters 5Hooters 6Hooters 7Hooters 8Hooters 9Hooters 10

Photos: www.wenn.com/Nikki Nelson, Rachel Worth, Judy Eddy

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