Mike Tyson Admits to Being a ‘Fat Crackhead’

March 16, 2011

A noticeably trim Mike Tyson called himself a ‘fat crackhead’ during an interview on Access Hollywood yesterday. The former boxer was pretty funny on the show, but it’s the reaction of the interviewers that really takes the cake. Watch below!

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Billy Bush is cracking up during almost the entire interview and seems to have some sort of fit when the former champ delivers the “fat crackhead” line. Iron Mike is really a funny guy, but what is this guy’s deal?!

“I became a vegan. I lost a 140 pounds,” he said. “I always thought if you did cocaine, you stayed skinny. I didn’t know you would turn into a fat crackhead. And you know there’s nothing like a fat crackhead.”

Mike Tyson admitted that he was shocked by his weight gain during years of heavy drug use. He thought his addiction to cocaine would at least keep him thin. Still, it looks like the former champ has cleaned up his act by going vegan of all things! Did Iron Mike have any sage advice for fellow celebrity Charlie Sheen?

“He’ll get it together. He passed all the drug tests. If the drug tests say he’s clean, he’s clean. Maybe he’s got some emotional issues, maybe. Maybe he’s not a drug addict, maybe he has some emotional issues. Let’s get him check on that and see how the outcome of that comes out. He might be cleared of that,” he continued. “And Charlie’s just Charlie. We just need to get some of that new drug, ‘Charlie Sheen,’ that he’s on.”

The former champ was obviously playing on one of the many crazy interviews that Charlie has given where he said the only drug he was on was “Charlie Sheen.” No doubt, it’s some kind of combination of ‘winning’ and ‘tiger blood.’ Still, he said he was a big fan of Sheen and he’s confident he’ll pull through.

I’ve put the best part of the interview with Mike Tyson at the bottom of the page. Watch Bush’s reaction to the “fat crackhead” comment… priceless. Then, give me your thoughts on Iron Mike in the comment section!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/PNP, DJDM, Nikki Nelson

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