Is Cathy Goodman, Tony Hawk’s Best Friend’s Wife, His New Girlfriend?

March 16, 2011

Last month we found out skater Tony Hawk was filing for divorce from his third wife, Lhotse Merriam mother of his fourth child. Today we may know the alleged cause.. her name is Cathy Goodman who is married to his best friend Matt Goodman, yikes this smells awful! Check out this story to know all the details about this sports affair and more about Mrs. Goodman.

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This Tony, Lhotse, Cathy and Matt alleged love triangle reminds me of the Parker/Longoria and Barry affair, we know how that ended, it wasn’t nice especially for the affected parties in that occasion, Eva and Brent, and it won’t be nice for the characters in this story which are Matt and Mrs. Merriam.

So Cathy Goodman is married but separated from her husband of 20 years and father of her two children, he is or used to be the skater’s best friend I guess Tony was not such a good friend since it has been rumored that he allegedly left his wife for Goodman. Wait that’s not all Matt is also his best friend (900 Films, he is now with Bandito Bros). They have been friends ever since they were little, they were so close that Goodman has been his best man in his three weddings, he won’t be in his fourth if he considers a fourth wedding that is. Oh noooo!!! If that is true, shame on you Tony!

According to the NY Post, Merriam found out her hubby was planning a trip to Frisco for Cathy where she was going to meet him, they added that Hawk and Cathy have been photographed together in the Big Apple.

Has this happened before? He divorced his first wife and mother Cindy Dunbar of her son Hudson (18), then married again, this time to his nanny Erin. They had two children Keegan (10) and Spencer (11). That went down the drain when he divorced her. Some time later he got married again to his publicist Lhotse with whom as you know he filed for divorce from and here we are now, allegedly involved with another woman, who is rumored to be the cause for him leaving his wife and who also is his best friend, partner’s wife.

What are your thoughts about this story? Do you have additional information about Cathy Goodman? Do you think she is now Tony Hawk’s new girlfriend?

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Photos: Judy Eddy

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