Basketball Wives Reunion Part 2: Oh Evelyn Lozada, Please Just STOP!

March 14, 2011

After part one’s explosive “Basketball Wives Reunion” episode, I knew we would be IN FOR IT for round deux. Let’s discuss!

I don’t think I quite touched on it enough in my recap of part 1, but, umm, can we discuss Evelyn’s face?! Has Chad convinced Evelyn to drop a few pounds? She looks gaunt and orange and well, that make up was so heavy I kept checking under her eyes to make sure she hadn’t been in any altercation that would leave her with a black eye. Alas, I noticed no such thing but that make-up, that orange tan and the gauntness did throw me off guard. I usually don’t mind LOOKING at Evelyn, only listening to her. But during the reunion show, I had to check the color of my TV screen! Oh Evelyn, JUST STOP! EVERYTHING you are doing, just STOP! Please?

Ladies, how many of you are in your 30’s & 40’s and argue with your friends over twitter? Yeah, me either, and I’m in my 20’s! There is no reason we should even be discussing Jennifer’s pictures in the buff, but since Royce made the greatest point EVER (why is a married lady taking pictures of herself sans clothes to send to someone/ANYONE), let’s discuss John Salley’s reaction! Was it just me or did it seem like John was into Jennifer and wanted to believe the very best about her?

As for Jennifer not getting pregnant by Eric Williams, does he even have any money? My apartment in Brooklyn NY looked better then Jennifer’s “Miami” (was it really in Miami?) crib. Real Talk.

Okay, I’ll move on because this show takes so many twists and turns, I can’t touch on it all!

Ashley Walker’s appearance on the show? I’ll just say one word: LAME. She came on with pre-rehearsed words and stories and whatever. I’m over her. She’s a pretty girl but why even bring her on? Oh wait – Those shoes. I want. Now. But on this one, I have to agree with Evelyn (SHOCKER!) “Why is she even here”?

Next up, Suzie Kecham, whom is shown in the opening credits, yet had less screen time then Ashley Walker. Evelyn says she felt bad after watching the episode of her snapping on Suzie. No, she felt bad that people were attacking her on Twitter and calling her childish. If Evelyn TRULY forgave Suzie, she would befriend her. The crazy part? Evelyn HAS indeed said things behind Suzie’s back, so pot meet kettle.

As for the rest of the girls, Royce Reed & Tami Roman, thinking that Suzie also has “diarrhea of the mouth”, well, that was mostly caused by Royce. Indeed, Royce is an instigator whether she wants to admit it or not. Is she as bad as the devil in disguise (Shaunie O’neal – Executive Producer of Basketball Wives), No. In fact, for Shaunie to start a show like this, instigate arguments etc. I am just astounded that as a race of black people, we aren’t offended. As a black woman, I for one am disgusted with Shaunie. But alas, she’s getting paid!

The second half of the reunion show found the ladies reliving their hypocritical “behind the back” talking of Gloria Govan. Let me just say, Gloria looked STUNNING at the reunion. Red is DEFINITELY her color. The scene with Gloria and the ladies in the restaurant where Shaunie attacked Gloria? That was the nation’s first sight at Shaunie’s true colors. (If you have DVR, Pause it right after that scene is shown, Evelyn is FUMING, I mean FUMING so hard she looks like a man!) As if it is ANYONE’s business why Gloria and Matt Barnes did not get married. They could not stop talking about her, even after she moved away. THAT was my problem with Shaunie, Evelyn & Jennifer. And I won’t even touch on how Shaunie expected Gloria to choose her side over her sisters. It’s laughable really. Shaunie thinks her money makes people go crazy apparently. Blood is ALWAYS thicker then water. Always.

Line of the night? John Salley “A lot of ya’ll mentioned grown A** woman, but then you do teeny a** women sh*t”. Perfection. ‘Nuff said.

Once again, Tami came off looking like a class act, and most of all, REAL. She is the only one of these ladies that I’d be willing to bet didn’t get prepped by her agent with notes of what topics to discuss before going on the show. I would love to see a show focused on Tami getting her groove back, and see some more of her cute kids! THAT would be an uplifting show to watch!

As for Evelyn saying she wants to eventually be friends with Tami? Yeah, cause you don’t want her to whoop that a**! She can pop off at the mouth to Royce but she won’t do it to Tami again! And were these ladies really arguing about who can kick their legs up to their ear? STILL looking for a man. Help us all. Keep your legs closed. Thank you.

So, in closing, I want to know what you all think of the final part of the reunion show? Did you enjoy any parts of it? Who is your favorite lady? What did you think of their fashion choices? Gloria’s impersonation of Shaunie? Fill me in below, I need a chuckle!

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12 Responses to “Basketball Wives Reunion Part 2: Oh Evelyn Lozada, Please Just STOP!”

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  1. 1
    shantel Says:

    What the hell is wrong with Evelyns face her makeup is always oily and looks like you can scrape it off with a spoon. She looks like she has been smoking crack with those sunk in cheeks. Tami is my favorite and Royce too, tami looked great and she is the realest. Ochocinco needs to tell evelyn to do something about that potty mouth haha. Yes Gloria did look great bad ass dress. Shauni trying to look all innocent. I just can’t stand Evelyn she was all apologetic last night yeah right she don’t want to get that assed whooped again.

  2. 2
    Erica Says:

    U got it right. Here’s my rundown. Let’s start with:
    Shaunie- We can say what we want but lil miss Inglewood is about her bizness. If I were as evil & conniving as her, I’d want B-ball Wives around for ten more seasons too! Can we say Ca-ching. Shaunie didnt wanna admit that she got real “hood” with Gloria. She banged on her. Point blank, period. I’ll get back to this.

    Tammy- easily and hands down, MY FAVORITE. If there’s anyone who can shut Evelyn up, talk some sense into a chic like that, or whup her ass lol, it’s our girl TAMMY. I’d luv to see more about Tammy too. She’s the only one who keeps it ALL THE WAY real. Not even Royce is this authentic lol btw, loved her “I slept with Chad” joke. Get em girl! And didn’t she look GAWWWWWW-JUSSS!!!!!

    Royce: booty poppin, fire-cracker, ‘the real chic that got with Dwight Howard’ came out on the reunion. I’m pretty sure she had a pep talk with herself: “these bitches have direspected & played me long enough. eff this!” so royce definitely was a mouth full this reunion. Now can she please challenge Evelyn to a kick boxing match? I think she’s due a couple of blows to that oily face.

    Suzie: If she opted not to appear on season 3, she needs to be gone.. for real then.

    Gloria: Impersonation wasn’t dead on, but damn funny. “y dinn-inn u git muhrrreeed?” lol but the point was, Shaunie was NOT civil as she tried to make herself look. Heiffa, you was loud, ghetto & everything I hate to see a black woman be on tv. True, we all have that side, but was it really necessary to gang up on Gloria at lunch? btw, sneaky ass Royce (Suzie’s “friend”) set this up. Interesting. But Gloria is right… she dont owe them nothing except a thank you to Shaunie cuz she keeps coming on the show. Gotta get paid Gloria. BTW, u can tell Shaunie wants to mend this odd relationship. Good girl.

    Jennifer: oh lord, poor lil jen jen. Still getting told to shut up, be quiet & stop talking. in other words, the girl on crutches without Evelyn. lol Jen, get the divorce & get your groove back. She seriously should get from underneath Evelyn. I think Jen’s a good person but she falls victim to bad influences from chicks like Evelyn. She’ll see it one day, I’m hoping in season 3. Now wouldn’t that be some drama worth keeping on your DVR!

    & last but not least:

    EVELYN: I think she’s a beautiful girl with the exceptions of that frosting aka makeup on her face, that unnatural orange glow, that stank pit bull mug she wore the whole damn reunion, that stank ass mouth & that tacky ass NY-P.Rican voice. my gawd! Pleasing to look at when she’s on, but usually she’s off. Ev received alotta smack already, so not much I should say. but she got nerve talking about Royce. I’m like Royce & Tammy are the only ones I’ve seen au natural. Jen, Ev & Shaunie stay make-up’d out! Ev had me rolling with the lingerie comment, but Royce had her gut punching return as she made Ev look like more of a ho, and got her to admite it & be proud of it. lol sneaky ass Royce (who next to Tammy was the best looking one there so hush up Ev lol)

    All in all, its clear who my favs are: Tammy, Royce, Gloria. & I guess its safe to say season 3 should be the better. But most importantly, i hope the audience realizes that black & latina women gotta do better. This show wakes me up cuz I have some of the same traits. If this is how I can be perceived, I’m definitely ridding of negative traits little by little. lol

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  3. 3
    Sexy ma Says:

    I love Ev to death I think she keeps it real for the most part

    Tammy- shes cool i like her too

    Royce- i dont know dont really like her

    Suzuie- she runs her mouth but doesnt meant to

    Jen- I love her poor girl

    Shaunie- I likes a lot too


  4. 4
    Bobbie Says:

    Ok, lets be real, Royce is a two faced person, they are so right, she runs back and forth back stabbing these women. I don’t like her little mice looking self, Royce is just mad because Jen and Evelyn was right about that so call boyfriend of her’s. It was something about him, i just could not pin point, but look at the end of the day, he’s gone. I am so sick of these grown a—women, talking s—, about grown women, in the bed with a man. What Royce want Evelyn’s man, get a life. I think that Evelyn and Jennifer is my favorite, don’t hate the game, hate the players, I wish them both success and happiness. I don’t know if i could stay in a relationship for ten years, and it’s not going anywhere. Remember when Tami got boosted about other men, ya she shut up real quick. I can’t afford Evelyn’s shoes, but i would love for her to market the earrings, they are beautiful. I want me some butterfly earrings. Wait, did i miss something, now Shaunie is launching a shoe line, give me a break, don’t you get enough money from your ex-husband, and this show. Just greedy, or trying to copy Evelyn. It’s like the Atlania Housewives, Sheree came out with her clothes line first, and then here goes Liza with her’s and neither one of them went anywhere. Why don’t Shaunie open up a school somewhere, for some poor kids. All they think about is themselves. God bless them all, Tami i feel sorry for, i don’t know who she got food stamps and welfare, when the kids dad is an NBA player, now retired. But whatever state it is, that state, should go after him for fraud. I don’t get it, welfare, when you had two kids by him. Pre-Nupital, should not include him not paying child support, he should be ashamed up himself. Then Tami asked his now wife, if she could see if he could give her at lease a $1,000.00 a month, is he seriously that cheap, those are his kids,I heard he has a lot more. Let me know what you think. I like Shaunie, but i think she keeps a lot of mess going too. Royce i heard she is not going to be asked back for the 3rd Season, i am so happy. I don’t want Gloria or Susie to come back either, they are all boring as hell. LOL.

  5. 5
    sandra Says:

    Evelyn did look orange and she defintely had on
    way too much makeup. I feel that she is the most fowl mouthed person on the show and is defintely very getto with her trash mouth a lady she is not. Shanuie is a lady.

  6. 6
    Tricia Says:

    Always remember, how you get ‘em is how you keep ‘em. If Evelyn feels she need to screw every man thinking they are going to fall in love with her, she will be a lonely chick.Lets keep it honest, she is truly insecure otherwise she would not do what she does, needing to be HEARD and not seen cause she is a pretty woman.(Looks fade, dumb stays as per Judge Judy) I once had much respect for Shaunie but when I read that she cheated on her man with Shaq, they always say if they cheat with you, they will cheat on you. KHARMA. Jen is bitter and a copier, (monkeys copy) and she only is brazen around an audience so go into acting. Tami and Royce, get your own show helping people with 2nd chances and let the “meows” deal with themselves.

  7. 7
    Tricia Says:

    Always remember, how you get ‘em is how you keep ‘em. If Evelyn feels she need to screw every man thinking they are going to fall in love with her, she will be a lonely chick.Lets keep it honest, she is truly insecure otherwise she would not do what she does, needing to be HEARD and not seen cause she is a pretty woman.(Looks fade, dumb stays as per Judge Judy) I once had much respect for Shaunie but when I read that she cheated on her man with Shaq, they always say if they cheat with you, they will cheat on you. KHARMA. Jen is bitter and a copier, (monkeys copy) and she only is brazen around an audience so go into acting. Tami and Royce, get your own show helping people get 2nd chances and let the “meows” deal with themselves.

  8. 8
    Bobbie Says:

    People come on, you know what, after being in a relationship for ten years, and he was a loser, give Evelyn a break, it’s her life and Royce that like mice, needs to shut up, how long was she suppose to be knowing her boyfriend, they been on again and off again, for many years. Then just like Gloria, oh i know he really meas what he says, because he has never felt this way about no other women before. Ya,the $95,000 ring was enough for him to walk away. Royce is looking for a pay check, and like Gloria told her she will never get it. But yet she can talk s— to Evelyn, Gloria don’t like you at all, she let her know you will never be at my house. The new basketball player wives in L.A. there not feeling Gloria, they just wanted people to know who they were. Susie and Gloria, and Royce are all fake. I just did not like the fact that Tami is using Royce to keep mess going, even thou Royce is cut from the show, she will probably show up ever now and then. Gloria, thinks she 10 bags of chips and then some, she got those to babies for a check, because as soon as MaTT moves on, she will be yelling, child support, what does she do, nothing.

  9. 9
    Ariela Says:

    I too feel Evelyn has her “tail tucked” when it come to Tami. But I have to say that I didn’t care for Tami throuhout the show but she grew on me through the reunion. Royce…. she got on my D*** nerves!! Since when did she grow a pair? IT was ALL an act… wanted to slap her the whole time! I love Jennifer, as well as Evelyn. Seriously she is a grown @ woman if she chooses to get down like she does… well who are we to judge?? She at least has her **** together. But for real her make-up was a bit TOO much!!! She don’t need all that at all… As much as I don’t care for Gloria.. hey at least she can stand her ground by herself and look confident in doing it. Even still, don’t care for her. I will too say that she did look good though in her outfit. Tami looked gorgeous!!!! The best shes looked really. I hope there is a season 3! Can’t wait to watch what unfolds…

  10. 10
    Natche007 Says:

    Evelyn sucks and if that is all she has to offer his her ass. Then i feel sorry for her its typical of a PR to brag, on dick sucking, and screwing. Grow up be a better image to your child.

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