Robert Garza, 16 year old Basketball Player Dies after Collapsing at AAU Tournament

March 14, 2011

Another young athlete leaving us way too soon, 16 year old Robert Garza, a basketball student at Roma High collapsed and died during an AUU Tournament. Check out the rest of this tragic news below.

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Robert Garza was the 16 year old student from Roma High School in Texas, another young teenager, who like Wes Leonard, left us mourning, a young basketball star with a great future waiting for him that we’ll never get to see shine in the big leagues. His family cries for their son, his friends, teammates are still in disbelief, we like them have our hearts broken for the loss of this amazing basketball player gone too soon.

Robert was among the 600 students at Roma High in Roma, Texas but he stands out among other boys. It wasn’t just that he was an amazing basketball player, he was a loyal friend, kind, humble and a funny 16 year old student who was very dear to his teachers and fellow students, the tragic news about his death leaves an emptiness in every life he touched with his charismatic smile.

Mr. Garza was a junior at Roma who was playing with the Hoopsters on Saturday at the AAU Tournament at the East Memorial High School gym in Austin, Texas. He was having a great time playing, then a five minute timeout came, Robert high fived Pablo Adame and then all of a sudden he collapsed. The time was 11:15 a.m.

He received CPR at the scene before he was rushed to a nearby hospital but he was gone. Robert Garza was pronounced dead at 12:30 at Brackenridge Hospital. The cause of death hasn’t been revealed, but an autopsy will be done. You can see Robert Garza’s picture here.

“Robert was a great, great human being. I’m very, very sad. The Lord asked for an angel to come to Him today. He took care of his body. He ate all the right things. I don’t know how else to explain it. He was probably the quietest guy I knew. And he was so smart. He had many friends. He was quiet, but once you got to know him, he was fine. … He inspired many people, many young guys. I’m going to miss everything about him.”

Some are wondering why so many young athletes have been dying in similar circumstances like Wes and Leonard did, just last week I did a story about the many young athletes who died too soon, you can search for that in our search bar. I come to a conclusion, sometimes a young person can seem very healthy, then he or she gets diagnosed with a heart condition and it is very hard, sometimes these young persons’ families find out that their children had a heart condition when tragedy happens. But again why does it happen so often, could it be the intense workout that is way too much for their young heart to handle? Sometimes these are congenital, either way this is just too hard and difficult to understand or find a cause. I guess like Coach Escobar said when it is God’s will to take these young men and women with him, there is nothing else to do but to be thankful for the time we had them in our lives and thankful for the blessing of knowing and loving them. I know there are no words for this family right now, but we will be praying for them always.

For the moment it has been released that a public viewing is scheduled for Tuesday at 10:00 am. followed by Rosary at 7:00 p.m at Sanchez Funeral Home, Funeral and burial will be on Wednesday. Would you like to express your condolences to the Garza family?

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