Tom Brady Antitrust Lawsuit Leader Against the NFL

March 14, 2011

After about two weeks of bargaining, neither the NFL or the players’ association would budge. Now in order to get what they want, Tom Brady is the official antitrust lawsuit leader. As of now there will be no 2011 season, but they have about 6 months to figure something out.

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Basically after the collective bargaining agreement expired, the NFLPA decertified and the NFL owners started a lockout. Now there is no union and players will have to fight individually to get what they want, including being allowed to play again.

So what does each side want? Well the owners and officials basically want things to stay the same, from what I am hearing. They feel they disclose a fair amount of information and that things should continue as normal.

The athletes however feel that they deserve more. After each season, the profits of the NFL are made public, but the players don’t think it is good enough. The Tom Brady antitrust lawsuit fights for financial transparency. In other words he and some fellow football stars want to know more specifically how profits relate to each team. This would allow them to see if it is being done fairly, or at least to their liking.

Now you may be wondering what the star quarterback is the one being named on this legal document. Well, he and 10 other pro athletes have banded together to fight the league. He and Peyton Manning decided to step up and be the first names listed. Therefore it will be officially documented as the Tom Brady, et. al vs. the National Football League.

I am sure come August both sides will clearly know what they want, and what they are willing to give up, and then an agreement will be made. However, until then however, many people are in jeopardy. Training cannot begin as scheduled, advertisers may not be able to sponsor and free agents, as well as draft picks, won’t know if they have a job. Also there will be no pay or health insurance for the players and their families.

Usually both side come prepared for that though, and hopefully it won’t be a long process. What do you think about the demands of each side and how things have played out so far? Will it get ugly or just take a little court time to settle the matter? I just hope they settle it in time for preseason! Be sure to tell me what you think about Tom Brady’s antitrust lawsuit below.

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