Basketball Wives Reunion Pt. 1: Will Evelyn Lozada ever apologize to Tami Roman?

March 13, 2011

When part 1 of the Basketball Wives reunion began and I saw John Salley as the host, I smiled. He wasn’t going to let these ladies act a fool! (or was he?)

Of course one of the first questions posed was for Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman. When Evelyn first started to speak it ALMOST sounded like she wanted to apologize to Tami. Had Evelyn learned from her past mistakes? UM, NO!

Cue the siren, it was about to pop off. Once again she comes sideways out of her mouth just like she did when she said “non factor b*tch”. She can’t get it together! Once Evelyn feels the heat from the crowd coming down on her, she makes sure to snap back at ALL of the girls in a way that just made her look more stupid.

We then have the obligatory “Shaunie O’Neal Plug”. Being she is an Executive Producer of the show, I’m sure she writes her own questions for the host as well as let’s them know what kind of piece she wants shown of her. The “mom” scene? Aww how sweet and what a great way to paint yourself in a pretty nice little light instead of the instigating self-absorbed hustler you are. Hey, I’m not hatin, get your money! Even if it is at the expense of every other woman sitting on stage with you! They signed a deal with a devil to be famous, congrats ladies!

I must say, I understand the need to show previous clips of the show but did they have to show them for EVERY scenario before EVERY question? I’d much rather them just bring the situation up and then have the animals ladies comment on it. How many people actually watch the reunion show without having watched the season?!

The scenes I don’t mind seeing again? Anything between Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada! First of all, Tami is HILARIOUS. “OOh, I didn’t know I was having dinner with Jennifer Trump”! Ha!!! On another note, I would just like to state for the record that I actually remember watching Tami’s season of the Real World. I remember disliking her for many reasons but the main one being how she got David kicked off after laughing and giggling. Needless to say, I give second chances to those deserving and she was a young twenty-something back then. She is now a grown woman and a MOTHER. She has changed and I can dig it.

Tami truly came out of this reunion episode looking like a rock-star! Which says a lot about how Shaunie feels about her vs. Evelyn.

Sidebar: Does anyone else think that Royce looks like a short tiny version of Janet Jackson? Am I alone here? If you agree, please comment below because it would mean the world to me to know I’m not alone here…yes, it’s the small things!

On another note, Eric Williams taped video message to Jennifer was so telling. But I do find that bump on his forehead to be quite distracting, anyone else? I mean seriously, Jennifer Williams is a bad b*tch, her clothes are laid, she has her hustle on and is in it to win it. Unfortunately, her attitude will take her nowhere fast. If I was a psychic, I’d predict a very sad life for her in the future. I would hope not, but at the end of the day, if you lay down in bed with dogs, for the money and fame, you’re going to catch fleas. Congrats.

Of course, the show focused mainly on Evelyn (more then a few times), the thing about Evelyn is, she lives for the hate. It’s like her fuel to wake up in the morning. Any broad who tweets “I’m no rabbit but 10 carats look good on me! Let the hating begin!” is a broad who strictly wants to be known for her bougieness. Unfortunately for her, with that overly orange tan and botox face, the only thing she is known for is being a groupie. =( Sad. The thing is, people who come from nothing sometimes think it’s a “good look” to act haughty and holier than thou, to make fun of people they deem as below them. The sad fact is, the money can’t make you. On the inside she is rotten to the core.

Is she going to be leaving the show and starting her own with Ochocinco? Who knows, who cares. These two media-whores (I mean seriously, changing your name to Ochocinco?! Really?!) deserve each other. If they have a show come out, I for sure won’t be watching. The scene of them on the couch with Evelyn in lingerie literally made me spit up my cheerios. Seriously. It was like Chad was making out with his mother!

Isn’t Evelyn in her 40’s? She looks like she is definitely at the very least 43, she has an 18 year old daughter, Shaniece (pictured above), after-all. I know she is claiming to only be 35 but I find that hard to believe with all the work she’s had done. I’m jus’ sayin…

Overall this first part of the Basketball Wives Reunion show left a lot to be desired. The only two women that acted like real ladies were Shaunie and Tami! Shocker! I knew Tami would but Shaunie had already laid the ground work for arguments with her instigating so…the question is, will part 2 be wilder and crazier? Will Suzie appear and shut all these ladies up? Or will she run scared? I can’t wait to see Gloria snap on Shaunie!

Let me know what YOU think of these ladies and the Reunion episode below! Are you Team Tami or Team Evelyn?

One last note, who did Evelyn’s make up?! It looked HORRIBLE!!!!!! Co-signers?

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4 Responses to “Basketball Wives Reunion Pt. 1: Will Evelyn Lozada ever apologize to Tami Roman?”

  1. 1
    kesha Says:

    soo i totally agree with you on everything!! I’m def team tami…evelyn is so digusting her mouth is just awful.How you gonna do dude on the first date may i say horish. Next Jen needs to stay away from evelyn did you see on the season finale when she told her about her trip to cincinatti..Jen was so disgusted her face told it all. I cant stand evelyn she says shes in her prime but arent you 35 i thought your prime is in your 20’s…get outta here!! I love royce even though shes little she wont back down, she says whats on her mind and that spain trip i was so shocked at Shaunie! She really is the devil like you said..coming down hard on royce. Jen needs to stop riding evelyn like come on! you a grown women and i wouldnt be suprised if evelyn slept with knot head eric..ugh! hes not that pleasing to the eye lol but shes like that. Susie i wish you would just get the courage and tell evelyn off..i cant satnd her, i think i said that enough lol and Gloria i like you. She stands up to shaunie all the time not taking that bs and i cant wait will reunion pt 2….ps she does look like janet!!

  2. 2
    Amy Says:

    Shaunie is a devil and I can’t stand her. Yes she’s getting her hustle on but God do not like ugly. I’m glad she admitted on the show as to how much of a devil and evil person she is. She basically told John that she does not put all her business out in the streets but if anyone else wants to, so be it.

    I hated Tami from the Real World for the same reason as the author, the way she did David but I do feel a bit sorry for her. Tami needs to stop trying to be cool with Jen, Shaunie and Evelyn.

    IMO, Royce reminds me of women such as Lark Voorhies, and a bit of Vanity (also someone else but I can’t remember). Royce is naturally pretty and can dance her azz off. She should be on Dancing with the Stars. I would love to see her on there.

    Evelyn should never pull her hair back again in life. I agree with everything the author said. And I liked Evelyn at first but I realized that she’s trash and a tramp. She’s the type of woman who will go for any guy with money, any guy! He could look like magilla gorilla and she would date him as long as he had money. Her younger days must have been in poverty in the worse way.

    I don’t know what to think abut Jennifer.

  3. 3
    Lorraine Says:

    I thought Tami was very well behaved. She drooped that bomb on Evelyn about her and Ocho and shut her down I loved it. Evelyn I was wondering what was wrong with her face, I though maybe Ocho though she was too big and made her lose a ton of weight!!! Royce I think is a trouble maker but she does stand up for herself and I love it. As for Shaunie yeah she is the only one who doesn’t really tell any of her business however she is very Messy. Jennifer well I wonder about her by the way the unicorn looks Soon to be ex husband. She had to see dollar signs ALL over his face because why else would she have said I do? Oh well I can’t wait for tonight.

  4. 4
    Cindy Says:

    I agree with the fact that Shaunie is in it for the money. These ladies are silly. Shaune blatently came out and said her book will not be a “tell all” and she would “never do that”. Soooo if that is her position, why then would these other ladies be letting her exploit them all over tv? I dont know if I like her or not. I resepct her for knowing how to make that money, but I don’t think she is as sincere as comes out looking on that show – she is a producer after all.

    Tami I like. She is real, and calls it like she sees it. She could not care less who likes her or not, and I am happy that she has this opportunity to rise up and pull herself together. She is definitely my favorite.

    Evelyn (sigh), I just dont know about her. I’m wondering if she and Ochcinco will even get married. He is definitely in it for the extra attention he is getting. Evelyn is just an opportunist. I can respect a woman for “getting hers”, but she knows that she used Antoine’s money to open that high end shoe store, and bailed out on him when he started sinking. And 10 years dating without marriage? What’s the deal with that? And she keeps saying she wants another child, so what happened during the 10 years? Why didn’t she have one then? AND, she is definitely NOT 35! I think there will be a shocker in the next season about her and Eric (Jennifer’s husband) – remember he told Jen that he knew Evelyn before he knew her, which I cant understand because according to Evelyn, she and Jennifer were “baptized together”. And her mouth is FILTHY. I dont trust this broad. She is loyal only to herself.

    As for Jennifer, she needs to wake up and smell the coffee. She and Evelyn may be “friends”, but she needs to be able to think for herself sometimes. I happen to like Jennifer because I think she has class (it’s Evelyn that sinks her to that low level). I’m not sure of what happened between her and Eric, but I know that she still loves him and he is definitely still in love with her. That is why he always has that “defensive” attitude. I think he realizes he made mistakes, but does not know how to be the bigger person and ask his wife to forgive him and stay with him. I think that is what Jennifer was waiting for…

    I DO NOT LIKE ROYCE. There is nothing wrong with dancers, but she is a hoochie gold digger, with no class. After she made a mockery of herself at that pool party in the first episode that was it for me. No redemption. She had absolutely NO CLASS and is out of her league with these women.