RMU Colonials Vs. LIU Blackbirds: NEC Championship Highlights

March 10, 2011

The NEC championship is here with the Long Island University Blackbirds and the Robert Morris University Colonials, New York vs. Pittsburgh, in a game that many were dying to see. Take a look at this game’s highlights, players, final results and amazing video in our story below.

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March 9th, 2011 was an amazing day for Long Island University aka LIU, right in their own WRAC LIU’s Wellness, Recreation and Athletics Center the amazing Blackbirds won after 14 years without winning an NCAA Tournament, these young champions did it with grace and style and with their 85 points over the the 82 from the RMU Colonials they had over 1,300 New Yorkers celebrating and coach Jim Ferry was ecstatic!

“What a phenomenal basketball game. Both teams went out and just played with a lot of emotion… Our kids, like they have done all year, played together, played unselfishly and grinded it out. The entire season all the kids sacrificed for the big picture, and that’s what college athletics is all about.” Blackbirds head coach Jim Ferry said.

Jamal Olasewere, the 20 year old sophomore scored just in overtime 7 of his 31 points and with 20 year old Freshman Jason Brickman they turned into the dynamic and killer duo that gave LIU quite a show with their 8 assists and 15 points. Other great figures in this game were redshirt sophomore Julian Boyd with his amazing dunk, sophomore Kenny Onyechi with his 14 points. While Robert Morris’ Velton Jones scored 15 points, Russell Johnson 22 points, and 12 for Coron Williams.

Here are the starting players for both teams.

Russell Johnson Jamal Olasewere
Velton Jones Kyle Johnson
Lijah Thompson Jason Brickman
Coron Williams Julian Boyd
Lawrence Bridges C.J Garner
Coach: Andrew Toole Coach: Jim Ferry

As soon as the game ended with the final score 85- 82, Pittsburgh’s dreams of winning their third NEC tournament in a row vanished, a totally different mood was at Long Island who awaits their opponent’s name to be released this Sunday.

Do you think LIU deserved to win? Who of these guys do you think will be up for the NEC Tournament’s Most Valuable Player? Do you think Olasewere could be that guy?

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Photos: www.wenn.com/ The Image Studio

*note** the players in the pictures above are not from RMU or LIU.

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