Did Marni Yang Have An Affair With Shaun Gayle and Kill His Pregnant Girlfriend?

March 9, 2011

Marni Yang is the woman with whom former NFL safety Shaun Gayle had an alleged affair with, but one person was in her way, his pregnant girlfriend Rhoni Reuter, who she allegedly killed and her unborn child. Keep reading and find out the rest of this story, read the confession from Gayle and more, you will be shocked or maybe saw this coming.

Marni Yang

From the facts we know that the 49 year old former Chicago Bear player and ultimately a Chargers safety met his 41 year old girlfriend Rhoni Reuter in 1990, he also met Marni Kay Yang from Chicago, now 43 years old with whom he had a business and not so business relationship.

Reuter was in her third semester of her pregnancy, she was having a girl, Skylar Reyne, with her boyfriend (Gayle) with whom she lived with in their condominium at Deerfield.

On the other hand we have Yang, who according to Gayle he said they never had anything but a business relationship together, but on October 4th, 2007 she was the main suspect of shooting Reuter to death, 7 wound shots were found on her lifeless body on her kitchen floor including two in her abdomen.

Gayle filed a restriction order against Yang due to harassment, he also filed a restriction order against a former girlfriend (Kurowska), who became a suspect when Rhoni was killed.

But Yang has a history of harassment. Back in 1998 she allegedly got involved with a married police officer, she sent threatening letters to him and his wife, that same year Yang filed a restriction order against the police officer, who according to her threatened her to finish her career as a future police officer.

Marni Merar was a 1986 graduate from Niles North High School, mother of three and divorced from her husband in 1997, but she continued to use her ex’s last name and work in the real estate business. She was with a friend who secretly began collaborating with police who were already suspicious of her and had been collecting her trash to find proof of her involvement in the killing.

This friend was wired by the time she joined Marni for lunch or dinner, but it was there that she got the confession police needed to arrest Yang for the brutal murder of Rhoni and Skylar.

This month, during the trial, Gayle confessed to having a relationship with Yang, he even told the jury he slept with her the night before his girlfriend’s murder. For now the trial continues, we will keep you informed about Yang’s sentence.

The absurd part of this story is that women think that it was okay for Gayle to allegedly date all the girlfriends he had while he has living with his girlfriend, he might not be married but I think that dating is also a commitment and he did have intimate relations with Yang while his girlfriend was pregnant which is a double commitment to her and his child. As for Yang I think she is really sick and not only should she be behind bars but she needs to get psychiatric help, what do you think? What would your verdict be in this case?

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