John Foreman: ‘If Michael Woodmansee is set free I’ll Kill Him’

March 8, 2011

John Foreman is the father of Jason Foreman, who was brutally killed by the hands of Michael Woodmansee in 1975 at age 5. He is serving his sentence in prison, but good behavior might set him free 12 years before his time, to this news Mr. Foreman vowed “to kill him if he gets free”.

In Jail

Going back in time to this horrible story, the date was May 18, 1975 in Wakefield, Rhode Island in a normal neighborhood where normal families live well, except for maybe one, 34 Schaeffer St., where 16 year old Michael Woodmansee lived with his father Frank. He was much of a loner.

This 16 year old asked 5 year old Justin Foreman to help him out with something inside his house, where he ended up stabbing him, chopped him into pieces and ‘ate his flesh’. It was one of the most gruesome, horrible killings that remained unknown until April 15, 1982 when Woodmansee was ready to allegedly kill his next victim, but this one was a 14 year old newspaper boy whom he allegedly got drunk and tried to strangle but somehow he managed to escape.

He told his father, and he told police. Soon police would talk to Woodmansee not only about the attempted murder on the paper boy, but regarding Justin Foreman. He soon confessed, sort of, he told police about his journal where he described every detail of the horrible things he did.

Remains of Justin were found in his house, his skull, jaw, arms, legs, ribs and spine bones were on his dresser, he pleaded guilty to second degree murder and sentenced to 40 years in jail. Here is the house where John Foreman’s son was murdered in cold blood.

John Foreman, lost his 50 year old wife Joice in 2000, still in denial she thought her son was still alive somewhere, his eldest son John has his own shop, Schaeffer Street.

Both were working when they heard the most shocking news concerning the guy who took the life of their beloved Jason in such a horrible way, he was going to be free 12 years early due to good behavior. No freaking Way! John Foreman feels he is the only one to blame because he agreed to a deal where his son’s slayer would be in prison for 40 years, but he also promised to “kill him” if he gets out of jail this August at age 52, take a look at their pictures here.

Certainly this is terrible news for any parent whose son was taken from him in this horrible way, I can’t imagine what he felt, but my heart aches just to know about his story, suddenly I feel sick and think that this is the most horrible story I have ever heard, little did I know that it is a cruel reality that many families face everyday all over the globe, just by turning the television on you will see what the world has turned into.

I used to like reading the paper, I barely see the sports section now, why mankind has come to this point. What kind of news do you think we will be hearing in the next five years? How worse can it get?

Photos: Theo

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