Kathy Griffin Is NOT Dating The Old Spice Guy

March 8, 2011

That’s right, folks. Even after Kathy Griffin told Howard Stern yesterday that she and the Old Spice guy, aka Isiaah Mustafa were ‘an item’, word comes straight from the man himself on their relationship or lack thereof.

Kathy Griffin Isaiah Mustafa

It’s really unclear when the two actually met (the Creative Emmy Awards, perhaps, see above) or when they supposedly started ‘dating’.

The former NFL player was asked at the Cosmopolitan Fun Fearless Males of 2011 event last night about Griffin, to which Mustafa said, ‘I am a single man.” Can’t you just see him saying that in his commanding Old Spice alter ego voice, with his hands on his hips, shirtless, looking dead straight at the camera on some sandy beach – I. Am. A. Single. Man. Cue the music! Ha ha ha ha ha.

So, what gives? Why would Griffin tell Howard Stern and his millions of listeners that she and Mustafa were together if they aren’t? I mean she did reveal that he has already met her mother, and apparently they shower together too. No doubt there’s some Old Spice shower gel involved, don’t you think? Um, quick question…do you shower with people you just hang out with? Just sayin’…Hee hee hee. Anyhoo, there’s either a lack of communication between the two regarding their ‘status’ (let me check their Facebook pages real quick, lol) or could the Old Spice guy just be wanting to keep his private life private? The two have been spotted together in the last couple of months – from L.A. to Las Vegas, and Mustafa doesn’t hide the fact that he enjoys hanging out with the older comedienne and they’re great friends. Griffin is 50, while he is 37. Roar, Kathy, roarrrr!

So I don’t know who to believe with this one, folks…the revolving dating door in Hollywood goes spinning once again. Is Isiaah Mustafa a single man or is Kathy Griffin just plain crazy? <---- Um, yeah, just a little bit, right?

Kathy Griffin Isaiah Mustafa

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