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March 7, 2011

This week we have seen many awesome videos, unfortunately only 5 can make it onto our list, here are our most amazing, shocking and even funniest videos of the week, have a look and take your pick! Remember we will be bringing you 5 top videos every week, you will choose your favorite by the end of the month only three will make it into our top videos of the month chosen by you, which would be….

Sports Moments

Our first video is MMA fighter Michael Bisping getting into a fight, not at UFC gang, but at a bar. A female fan asked him if she could punch him in the stomach, then she asked if her boyfriend could hit him, Bisping agreed for the second time, but then things started to get ugly.

Our second video is about this 48 pound wrestler at just 8 years old, Steno Poulin totally dominates his opponents…

Third one is an amazing dunk by a 20 year old Vanderbilt player, his team lost to Florida but that huge dunk was insane!!! I guess Blake Griffin has some competition or not, what do you think?

UFC Live featuring Martin Kapmann and Diego Sanchez was held on Thursday, the fight overall was pretty intense but the most shocking part was looking at Sanchez’s bloody face, he looks like a total different guy, while Kampman looks lees hurt. Normally the guy with the least damage on his face wins the fight, remember Josh Koscheck and Georges St. Pierre at UFC 124, I mean St George didn’t even sweat!

Last one comes by the hands or should we say mouth of Bob Knight aka The General dropping the “S” words on live television. Well the famous ESPN analyst’s exact words were …’chicken@#$% defense’. Check out the video.

Now it is time for you to cast your vote, remember your vote decides what videos will be on our top three videos of the month. So don’t waste any more time and Vote!!! We will be back next week with our Top 5 sports videos of the week.


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