Trevor Gillies Banned for 10 Games After NHL Head-Shot

March 5, 2011

New York Islander’s forward Trevor Gillies has been banned for 10 games following an illegal head-shot during a game two nights ago. The vicious hit came on the forward’s first game back from a 9-day suspension and $100,000 fine for a different infraction! Find out what he did this time and see photos and video of the hit below!

Trevor Gillies

Retaliating against a Minnesota player who had taken a legal shot against an Islanders rookie, the Isles’ forward blind-sided Cal Clutterback with an elbow to the head just 2:23 into the second period. Is there something wrong with this guy?

The only sport that actually allows players to fight on the field of play, the NHL has long been criticized for encouraging violence during play. But can the league really be blamed for the head-hunting antics of Trevor Gillies? NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell banned the player for 10 games in an attempt to make it clear that such behavior is not tolerated in hockey.

“By targeting his opponent’s head, (four) shifts into his first game back from a suspension for a very similar action, Mr. Gillies has forfeited his privilege of playing in the league for 10 games. While it is fortunate there was no injury on the play, there can be no justification for a player delivering a dangerous check to an opponent in this manner.”

Already fined $100,000 and suspended for 9 games last month, it seems pretty clear to me that this kind of discipline either isn’t strict enough or just won’t work at all against some players. So what’s the answer when fines and suspensions aren’t enough? Therapy of course! A good prescription of anger-management courses might really help repeat offenders against the NHL’s excessive violence policy.

Still, there are those out there who think the Islanders star is being targeted unfairly by Campbell. Admittedly, while an admirable effort, it’s a pretty thin defence.

What do you think of the Islander’s Trevor Gillies being banned for another 10 games? Will this suspension really alter he way he plays? Check out the hit in and pictures of the NHL player below, and let me know your thoughts in the comment section!

Trevor Gillies

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