Monique Bradley: Milton Bradley’s Wife Filed for Divorce after Multiple Abuse Claims

March 5, 2011

Check out the lovely Monique Bradley, she is at least for now Milton Bradley’s wife. Not for long though, an alleged domestic abuse claim landed her at her lawyer’s office and startded the divorce papers as we speak, so I am sure you want to know what did he exactly allegedly do to her? We can tell you and reveal more juicy things about the still Mrs. Bradley so follow us!!

Monique Bradley

Before we get started and since some of you are not so much into sports like others, we will fill you in with his info, pocket edition that is, short, informative and easy to read, OK? He is the 32 years old, Harbor City, California native who started his MLB career in July, 2000 with the Montreal Expos, the following year he played with the Cleveland Indians. Next in 2004 it was the Dodgers, The Oakland Athletics two years after that, the Rangers in 2008, Cubs in 2009 and with the Seattle Mariners since last year.

So then comes his wife Monique of five years and 11 months (they got married on Feb. 15th, 2005), mother of their two children Noah ( 1-year-old) and Jeremiah (5 years old )and the victim of his alleged irrational, volatile behavior according to what she told Police, so what exactly did she tell them?? This is how it goes… she said during New Year’s Eve while they were in the Big Apple he began yelling at her for a while then allegedly grabbed the glass from the coffee table and threw it directly to her head, she started bleeding immediately. When he noticed her bleeding he started crying and begged for her forgiveness, What a Jerk!

The noise must have been loud since hotel security knocked on their door while she was in the bathroom trying to stop the bleeding, but he told them everything was okay and Monique never went to the hospital.

She filed a restraining order against him on January 24. In their divorce papers she cited irreconcilable differences, wants full custody of her boys, child support and her hubby having visitation rights. Want to check out their divorce papers? You can do that here.

So can we believe she is telling the truth? I guess so, I mean there is no secret he has had his moments, for starters do you remember when he broke his bat in half on his knee? He wanted to confront a Kansas City Royals announcer for a comment made about him, he didn’t reach him because he was intercepted but that would have been nasty. In 2004 a police officer pulled him over, but he didn’t even have a chance to give him his ticket, he has had altercations with fans – once a fan threw a plastic bottle near Bradley and he fired back. He has been referred to as the Kanye West in Baseball. About violence with Monique this is not really the first time she has been allegedly attacked by him, perhaps the first she got the guts to get help that is, back in 2007 while she was pregnant she was allegedly choked and slapped, he was arrested alright, but no files were made. Check out these incidents and more here.

So after taking a look at all of these, a few things are crystal clear, she could have filed charges against him the first time and saved herself from this awful incident in NY, he is definitely violent and a cry baby, which makes this whole thing even more pathetic.

What do you think about this story? Do you think this second attack could have been prevented? Do you know of any other erratic behavior from Monique Bradley’s husband? Share them all with us!!

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