Shanterrica Madden’s Mugshot – The Photo That Tells The Truth?

March 4, 2011

This is Shanterrica Madden, the 18 year old student who allegedly stabbed her roommate Tina Stewart, the Middle Tennessee basketball player. Looking at her mugshot picture, do you find regret or madness? Do you think this photo tells you the truth if she is guilty or was it self defense? What is she telling in her defense, can’t wait to find out!!!!

Shanterrica Madden

Okay so the police reports said they found Tina Stewart stabbed in her apartment, the main suspect is her roommate, 18 year old Shanterrica Madden, a freshman at MTSU. Her lawyer Joe Brandon, Jr spoke in his client’s defense and said she was allegedly beaten by her roommate and the knife she used was allegedly Tina’s. Need to dig more into that? Check it out here, you’ll also see her and her lawyer at court.

Okay, one thing here, see her mugshot picture, do you see any signs of violence on her face, any bruises, cuts? Because during a fight between girls they always aim at the face, and this girl’s face is punch free. If she was being so severely beaten, don’t you think she would have physical evidence, no reports have been released about that, right? Wait, nope her lawyer said she had an abrasion above her left eye, I can’t see it, and swelling on both eyes, don’t see that either! You?

And you know what I see in this picture, no regret, no guilt whatsoever if she did do this crime in self defense and is being charged with first degree murder. I think that is big time behind bars, and she would be in remorse, crying, begging for justice, I don’t see that in Shanterrica’s face.

And there are other loose ends, Ms. Madden is also a former Central High student, but she said she didn’t know the victim until they were paired to live together last August? I wonder, she was just two or three years younger than Tina who was well known at Central, how can she not know her? How did she know where the knife was? What is she saying about her roommate allegedly having a knife in their apartment? She looks like a big girl, wasn’t she able to stop the alleged beating? Why didn’t she call the police and say she acted in self defense? According to CBS, Rutherford police said Tina was attacked by two females, who is the other? What was the argument about?

So many questions, right? The only person who can answer them is gone, meanwhile Shanterrica Madden is held without bail at the Rutherford County Jail.

Help me out with these questions what do you think? Have any more questions yourself? What do you think just by looking at the mugshot pic of Shanterrica Madden?

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