Did the Kennebec Ice Arena Roof Collapse or Was it Bombed?

March 3, 2011

The city of Hallowell, Maine has the Kennebec Ice Arena where for years amazing sporting events and even birthday parties have been held, but the latest incident where the roof of the famous arena collapsing has all the games and other events on hold or forever moved to another location. Was this an accident just waiting to happen or was it the result of some sort of attack? Oh No!!!! Let’s find out!

Arena Roof Collapsed

So a little history here, it might be a little boring since we already took so many History classes in school, so let’s sum it up a bit! The Kennebec Ice Arena in Hallowell, Maine was built in 1970, the roof is 240-foot-long. From that time until today millions of high school hockey games have been held there, from figure skating contests and private classes to speed and recreational skating. Ok now the intriguing and fascinating stuff, our apologies, I know it is a great loss, but a girl can definitely speak her mind can’t she? And so…. in conclusion, the arena has a sentimental value for all of the Hallowell residents, the news about the roof collapsing has left them with sorrow and they can’t help but worry about the time and cost it will take to have the roof repaired. Check out the pictures of the Kennebec Arena collapse here.

How terrible, a total loss! As you can imagine with so many things going on at the Maine Arena, a big crowd is always expected, luckily no such crowd was at the arena at 3:00 p.m., around the time the roof collapsed, Thank God!

“With the amount of people that come into this building on a day-to-day basis, and to only have three people in it at the time of the collapse is really a miracle.”

Three people were inside at that time, they said that just before the roof came down they heard a loud vibration. I can imagine at that point they must have run faster than my mother in-law getting the seat in front of me at my daughter’s recital just to brag that she got there earlier, bah! She does that a lot! The last time they moved her ’cause the front seats were reserved for students and she sat 10 rows behind me and I am talking about something else so back to the roof going Kaboom and the three people inside. All three made it out safely. Police said the heavy snow might have caused the roof to collapse, Hello, no maintenance there? That would have prevented it right? Considering the bad weather we have been having what’s worse about all this is that there has been no news about how or when this would be repaired, so far there have only been statements saying the damage is substantial, so no attack on the arena, how did that crazy idea come up???

I wonder if residents would contribute to rebuild it, that is what residents in Arlington did for the new Cowboys stadium, right?

Share your comments about this story, but before that check out the news and updates about the Kennebec Ice Arena roof collapsing in the videos below. Check out the photos of another arena whose roof also collapsed, but things here were even worse.

Arena Roof Collapsed photoArena Roof Collapsed photosArena Roof Collapsed pictureArena Roof Collapsed picturesRoof CollapsedRoof Collapsed photoRoof Collapsed photosRoof Collapsed picturesRoof Collapsed picture
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Kennebec Ice Arena collapsed Roof video

Photos: www.wenn.com

*Note** The pictures above are not of the Maine arena, but of Wembley Stadium whose roof also collapsed.

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