Baby Jogger Recall: What You Need to Know About Jump Seats

March 3, 2011

For those of you who enjoy a jog with little ones, you may need to check your gear. The company ‘Baby Jogger’ recalls certain Jump Seats that have been causing children to fall out! For all the details on what to do, with more helpful photos and videos, keep reading below.

Baby Jogger  1

The company is doing this as a voluntary procedure and it affects over 2,000 products in in the United States and Canada. Jump Seats are having trouble securely attaching to the stroller and there have been four reports of falls.

So how do you know if you own an item that is under this Baby Jogger recall? Here are the details. This is for the attachment Jump Seat that sits slightly above the stroller, allowing a toddler and an infant to ride at the same time. The product item number that is in question is J7J50 which were sold from January 2008 until July 2010.

If you feel you have this item you should stop using it immediately and contact the company. Their toll free number is (877) 506-2213 and they will send you safety straps and instructions. Also, if you have had any incidents with the aforementioned item, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada would like to hear from you. Please check out this site for everything you need to know.

This is the second stroller issue I have heard about in a week! Just recently 3330,000 B.O.B. Products were suspected of having a choking hazard. If that applies to you as well, get all the details here.

With the amount of products on the market, some safety issues are bound to pop up. At least in this circumstance the problem was found quickly and only a few were slightly hurt. However, does this Baby Jogger recall steer you away from buying their products in the future? After you check out this video of some of their better features, leave me your comments below.

Baby Jogger  1

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