David Beckham’s Jesus Tattoo (photos)

March 3, 2011

David Beckham has a new tattoo, this one might be his number 19! Anyways the new tattoo on Becks is Jesus being dragged by three cherubs, so what does it mean? Keep reading to know more about that, plus find out the latest and hottest sporting news.

David Beckham Jesus tattoo

So just last December David went to his Facebook page where he shared his new tattoo with his followers, this time he did the exact same thing. So this new tattoo is about Jesus being carried by three cherubs, this is what he posted:

I know some of you like them and some of you aren’t so keen, but I wanted to share my new tattoo with you all on Facebook first..

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And back to David Beckham’s new Jesus tattoo, wondering what does it mean to him? Well what it stands for, according to him, is not getting good reviews but still this is what Becks said:

“Obviously, the cherubs are boys, so my thought of it is, you know, at some point, my boys are going to need to look after me, and that’s what they’re doing in the picture. Everything has a meaning that I’ve got on me.”

Hope you enjoy our top news in sports, what do you think about Beckham’s Jesus tattoo? What other sporting news did you enjoy? Check out the photos and video below.

David Beckham New Jesus Tattoo

David Beckham’s Jesus tattoo – Video
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2 Responses to “David Beckham’s Jesus Tattoo (photos)”

  1. 1
    Stacy Says:

    It’s a little “dark” looking, but overall nice!

  2. 2
    Miriam Says:

    I think so too Stacy, Love to see your comments, thanks!