Kimberly Wohlers: Mark Wohlers’ Wife

March 2, 2011

Meet Mrs. Kimberly Wohlers, she is the amazing, beautiful and outstanding wife of former MLB player Mark Wohlers. She also is the mother of their three children and their hero, why is that? Didn’t you hear that she saved her family’s life from a fire? Would you like to know more about her? Then keep reading, add your input with your comments and/or other info plus photos and video provided below.

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Kimberly’s husband is the 41 year old former MLB pitcher from Holyoke, Massachusetts. He is one of the fastest, killer pitchers in the world. He made his debut in professional baseball with the Atlanta Braves in August, 1991 where he played for 8 years, after that he moved to the Cincinnati Reds in 2000 with the Yankees the following year and the Cleveland Indians in 2002. He retired from baseball in 2003. Today he runs a real estate business with his lovely Superwife! Just need to add something real quick, she is his second wife, Nancy was his first (divorced in 1999 after 5 years of marriage).

Kimberly Serrone, her maiden name before she got married to her hubby on November 18, 2000, she is the proud mother of three beautiful children two boys (ages 7 and 3) and a girl (5 years old). Kimberly and her hubby run a real estate company in Alpharetta, Georgia called Team Wohlers.

So besides these, Mrs. Wohlers is a Superhero that saved her family from a fire that destroyed her house in Milton just outside Georgia, she woke her hubby up rushed to take her three children and took everybody safely outside.

For this action her hubby gave her all the credit and called her their hero.

“Just let whoever cares about us know that my wife was the hero.”

The firefighters arrived less than an hour later, the house was gone, you can see Kimberly’s picture and her home here.

What do you think of Mark Wohlers’ picture perfect wife? She is truly amazing isn’t she? Do you have any other information about Kimberly Wohlers? We love your comments!!! check out the video below.

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