Michael Vick Ripped For Being Responsible?

March 2, 2011

He doesn’t have the greatest reputation, but are people giving him too hard of a time? Michael Vick was ripped a new one from the Philadelphia Inquirer for skipping a charity event. Get both sides stories, with more photos and videos below.

Michael Vick  3

According to the athlete he had some conflict that he couldn’t avoid, and he notified those in charge days before the actual event. According to the Inquirer, after canceling on Oprah and this charity, the QB is slipping back into his old ways!

We all know what Michael Vick did with the dogfighting and how much trouble he got into. His reputation will always be tarnished, but that doesn’t mean he has to be ridiculed in everything that he does. To me, it seems like something came up and he gave them plenty of notice. Even the organizer of the event, Anthony Martin, said:

“I’m hearing [Vick] had some type of emergency, so I really don’t know what’s going on. […] I knew about it a couple of days ago. They called and said he had some type of problem where he’s got to go back to Virginia. I know Vick pretty well. If that’s the case, something happened, otherwise I know he would be here for sure.”

He has canceled a few appearances lately, including a major interview with the one and only Oprah Winfrey. No great excuse was given there and with the questionable reason here, I can see why people may think he is derailing.

So, what do you think about this? Is this latest no-show proof of more bad behavior to come or was it a bad coincidence that both events were so close together? After you check out a few pictures and this video, leave me your comments below.

Michael Vick  2 Michael Vick  1 Michael Vick  3

Photos: www.wenn.com/Hugh Dillon, Shannon McCollum

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4 Responses to “Michael Vick Ripped For Being Responsible?”

  1. 1
    Nitro Says:

    Well to me this is some BS!!!! I really believe there are more important things going on in this crazy world other then missing a oppointment. I’m sure whoever crusified him have did the same at one or another in their lifetime. Take this man from under the microscope and let him live his life he’s paid he due to society for his crimes. LET IT GO AMERICA!!!!!!!!

  2. 2
    Warner Says:

    He was right not to go on Oprah. He was not going to gain anything that he does not already have from those that have forgiven him. They already get it. Those that have not forgiven him after all he has said and done will not forgive him anyway and are waiting on the oppotunity to point out a flaw in his position. The people that have not and will not forgive Vick falls into three catagories:1.They are dog lovers or animal lovers and refuse to get over it. 2.Racist and do not want to get over it.3. A combination of 1 & 2. The sad thing is that I think some do not recognize that they have racist views toward Vick. If you want to test your self as to if you have raciest views regarding Vick; I say look deep within your soul and ask yourself the question that if this was Peyton would you still feel the same passion against him?. I have no doubt that Oprah would have conducted a fair interview.I am not so sure that we can say the same thing about how her audiance would have responded.

  3. 3
    ARM Says:

    Mr. Vick did his time, he does what he can when he can just like anyone else. People are not doing this the media is, leave him alone, we have to many important things going on beside Mr. Vick missising O and a charity, I am sure he has a good excuse and whatever it is, it is his business. The media need to get a life and leave this man alone. Mr. Vick do your thing, you paid your debt, you owe no one else but GOD, your family, your friends and the poeple that support you. If anyone else have a problem, give them 25 cent and tell them to call someone who gives a dam.

  4. 4
    Lit Bit Says:

    It is so sad that with all of the hurt, wars, homelessness, proverty, and the number of straving children in this world, people are putting so much time and energy into being concern with what Michael Vick does or does not do!! I don’t know about anyone else but the man doesn’t personally touch my life one way or the other. I wish him no ill will but that is it. Mass murderers have not been HARASSED as much as Vick is being. I don’t believe in being cruel to anyone but I do not understand so called animal lovers or supporters of this day and time. You could not pay me to have a pet these days! What happened to the love of man kind? To me a human life will always be more important than an animal. Oops did I say that out loud!!! To God be the glory!! Man was created for God’s glory, and in His own image and animals were created to assist man with food, clothes, and shelter and people and legislation are putting them above man!! Fighting animals of any kind is wrong but this is rediculous!!