Phyllis Fierro: DWTS Ralph Macchio’s Wife

March 2, 2011

Meet Phyllis Fierro, she is Karate Kid actor now Dancing With The Stars contestant Ralph Macchio’s stunning wife, but besides that what else do we know about her? Keep reading this story to find out who Mrs. Macchio is and check out Mrs. Fierro’s’ photos and video provided below.

Phyllis Fierro 1

Who can’t forget Phyllis’ husband as Daniel LaRusso in Karate Kid with the amazing Pat Morita? In some part of our adolescence we all tried his famous kick he pulled out during the final fight of the first movie of the Karate saga, remember the seagull? He is now 49 years old and even though he hasn’t been doing many movies recently the news about him joining the cast of the 12th season of DWTS got us all excited. Many of us are wondering what are his moves in the ballroom I guess we just have to wait to find out, but we can find out who the amazing lady is in this guy’s heart, who is his wife?

We can tell you a little bit about his beautiful 48 year old wife, Mrs. Macchio, who by the way is a nurse practitioner and who to many is known by her cool name, Phyllis Fierro. When she met her soon to be hubby it was at a party in his grandma’s basement, he was 15 years old and she was 14. 11 years later on April 5th, 1987 they got married. She became a mother in 1992 when she gave birth to her beautiful daughter Julia who at age four in 1996 became the big sister of her baby brother Daniel (named after her cousin Daniel who also is her best friend). Check out Phyllis Fierro’s picture here and also here.

Today she has been happily married for almost 24 years, her children, well they are not children anymore! No matter, in a mother’s heart they will always be her babies. Julia is almost 19 years old while Daniel who gets along more than fine with her hubby, is 15. You better keep an eye on DWTS, because I bet she and her children with be supporting the man of the house.

What do you think about Ralph Macchio’s Wife? Do you want to contribute with this story with additional information about Phyllis Fierro? Have a look at her photos and the cool video below.

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Phyllis Fierro Video

Photos: Mr. Blue, Starbux

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