Luis Moreno Kicks Owl off Field – Must Watch Video!

February 28, 2011

Luis Moreno from Deportivo Pereira wasn’t expecting fans to boo at him after he kicked a helpless owl, who also happened to be the team’s mascot, off the field. Watch that unbelievable controversial sports video moment in our story and find out the consequences for his actions.

Soccer Player 1Owl

Luis Moreno is the 37 year old soccer player from Panama. This right center started his career professionally in 2000 when he joined Deportivo Italia in Panama, the next year he went to Tauro (Panama), the same year he joined Panama’s National Soccer Team. In 2005 he joined the Colombian soccer team Envigado, returning to Tauro the year after. He moved to Bogota in Colombia and played with Santa Fe Corporación Deportiva aka Santa Fe followed by his time with the Mexican team Los Tiburones de Coatzacoalcos and his on/off appearances with Tauro until he settled down with El Deportivo Pereira in 2010.

His team was established in 1944 in Bogota, Colombia. They played at the Estadio Hernán Ramírez Villegas in Pereira, Colombia. Luis’ team was playing against Atletico Junior ,former team of the great Colombian soccer player Carlos “El Pibe” Valderrama. Although their nickname is Los Tiburones (The sharks) they have grown very close to the owl that has been adopted as their mascot and lives in their stadium.

The Owl was injured by a flying ball and landed in the field close where Luis Moreno was walking by, when he saw the bird he kicked it off the field with his foot. Immediately after that the Atletico fans started to yell “Murder”, “Murder”.

Moreno said he was sorry, he didn’t know the owl was a lucky charm for Atletico, he added that he kicked it to check if he could still fly. What a jerk! (This is me steaming mad).

As for possible bans against him, there won’t be any. What????? That’s right, and sadly I have to inform you that in Colombia, like many countries in South Central America and Mexico there are no laws against animal cruelty. Hello!!! PETA, time for you to spread your wings, ASAP!!!!! Let’s hope his team at least put a ban on him.

How insane is this? Really? Well I have to tell you that the beautiful owl is recovering from a fracture in his leg. You can express your thoughts and messages about this story as well as you can watch Luis Moreno kicking that poor owl off the field in the video below, shame on you Luis!

Soccer Player 1Owl
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Deportivo Pereira’s Luis Moreno kicked owl off the field – Video

Photos: David Mepham

Note** The picture above is not the real photo of this shameful incident.

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