Wayne Rooney Elbows James McCarthy (Video)

February 28, 2011

Did you see Wayne Rooney kicking James McCarthy with his elbow? This violation might put Rooney off the field for several games. Check out the rest of this story to see that video, know all the details about it and find out what consequences Wayne faces.

Wayne Rooney 1

James McCarthy is the 20 year old midfielder for Wigan Athletic, it was during a game against Manchester United that Wayne Rooney clearly elbows James, but this incident might put Rooney out for several games or he might just as well get away with it. Sir Alex Ferguson said his player did nothing wrong, but because it is him the media wants to hang or electrocute him…

“There is nothing in it. But what will happen, because it is Wayne Rooney, the press will raise a campaign to get him hung by Tuesday or electrocuted or something like that. It is unbelievable. Watch the press. It will be interesting to see it.”

While Wigan’s boss Roberto Martinez said the fault was clear, it deserves a red card period!

“I saw the incident clearly, and the referee did as well because he gave the free-kick. When you look at the replay, it is quite clear he catches James McCarthy in the face with his elbow. It is a big call in the game. It is unfortunate because the referee saw it, but he didn’t feel it was a red card. It was not because he was Wayne Rooney. It was an incident in the game. That is it.”

But what really happened? You don’t have to be a genius to realize Rooney did elbow McCarthy, the referee had only peripheral view of the incident, he granted a free kick and this leaves the disciplinary government powerless on punishing Rooney. They also support the referee action and so Rooney escapes from getting any ban.

Want to be the judge of that incident? Watch Rooney while he elbows McCarthy on the head in the video below and tell me, do you really think it was possible for the referee to not notice it? There are some photos below.

Wayne Rooney photo 1Wayne Rooney picture 1
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Photos: www.wenn.com/ David Mepham, Steve Searle

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