Luis Resto Reveals Truth of Assault on ‘Irish’ Billy Collins, Jr.

April 4, 2008

In a press conference yesterday, Luis Resto revealed the truth behind the beating of ‘Irish’ Billy Collins, Jr. twenty-five years ago.

There was a press gathering at Jack Demsey’s in Manhattan yesterday. The gathering had to do with the pending screening at the Nashville Film Festival of the film Cornered. The film follows the lives of the participants in on of the boxing worlds darkest scandals. The twenty-fifth anniversary of the June 1983 match between Luis Resto and ‘Irish” Billy Collin, Jr. is also approaching.

In the press conference Luis Resto shockingly confirmed that the boxing match was not so much about boxing as it was about an all out assault on Collins. The welterweight championship was at stake and Resto was facing an undefeated Collins. For the first time, Resto admitted to the press that he had battered Collins for ten rounds with padding removed from his gloves. Not only that, but his knuckles had been pre-cast with tape soaked in plaster of paris before suiting up in the hollow gloves.

At the time of the match it was suspected that Resto had used hollow gloves. He and his trainer, Panama Lewis, were suspended from boxing for life following the assault on Collins. Resto’s confession confirmed the suspicions and filled in many details that had previously been unknown. Collins’ life turned tragic following his brutal beating in the boxing ring. His vision was permanently blurred. Just nine months after the match, Collins drove into a culvert while intoxicated. Resto only had fleeting fame as he was quickly under investigation and banned from boxing.

Its a tragic and sad story. The Collins’ family is expressing some relief that they are getting some justice even though it is coming twenty-five-years late. They have filed to reopen the investigation into the case today with the Federal District Court against the State of New York.

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