Melanie Slade: Theo Walcott’s Girlfriend

February 25, 2011

Have you met Theo Walcott’s uber-gorgeous girlfriend? Her name is Melanie Slade and you better believe us when we say she is unbelievable!!! Find out all about her from her biography in our story plus some amazing photos and her beautiful video below.

Melanie Slade

We all know who Melanie’s boyfriend is. Sure we do, he is the 21 year old winger playing for Arsenal. He was born in Stanmore, England and began his professional career with Southampton in 2005 before moving to Arsenal the year after. During his junior years as a footballer he played with Newbury at age 10, in 2000 he was playing with Swindon Town. With England National’s soccer team he was in the England U16, U17, U19, U21 , he became the youngest player with England’s team on 2006. See we all know who he is so now let’s check out his utterly beautiful girlfriend.

When the world found out there was a new sports wag in England it became a frenzied hunt for her info, pictures and everything there was to find about the young teenager, in hopes she would be the new Alex Curran or Posh, but that is so far from the real Mel, she is equally beautiful, smart and kind but she refused to live the lifestyles of a sports WAG whatsoever.

Just to help you get an idea, how down to earth this gorgeous girl is, tell me one thing if your millionaire beau gives you a Ferrari for your birthday will you reject it? Probably not, but she did, she was more than happy with her love bug, well that is the name her white beetle has and which was a gift from her boyfriend for her 18 birthday, but there was no way she was accepting a car that in her opinion was just too flashy and pricey it would be irrational for her to arrive on college campus in that car when some of her classmates were struggling to pay their studies, that is just not her. Did I mention she is highly involved in several charities? Oh yes! she is one of a kind, once she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and has raised funds for the Cancer Research UK Race for Life several times. Last year she even designed a vest.

Melanie Slade from Southampton was born in September 1988 (six months older than her beau), making this her age as 22 years old. Her father John is Southampton’s former mayor, her mother Sheila is a teacher plus she has two sisters and a brother. She is studying physiotherapy at Itchen College in Southampton.

As for the story of how she met her soccer stud it goes like this… the year was 2005, he was a newbie at Southampton soccer club and she was just 16 working part-time at a Claire’s store in the West Quay shopping mall in Southampton. Rumors said she was handing baskets to the customers so Theo and two other friends walked by, he put his name on the basket and asked her if he could text her…. you can sort of figure out what happened next, they have been inseparable ever since and in her own words.. she plans to marry her boyfriend after she graduates!!!

This stunning girl has been on the cover of FHM magazine, you can see Melanie’s pictures here. So why do people love her so much? Are you serious!! What is there not to love, Bless her!!

Would you like to tell us what you think about Theo Walcott’s girlfriend? Check out Melanie Slade’s photos and amazing video below.

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Melanie Slade Video

Photos: Jason Mitchell, Daniel Deme, Gabor Scott, Steve Searle

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