Robots Marathon in Japan (Video)

February 24, 2011

Don’t you just love marathons? We always see inspiring athletes, attractive runners with smoking hot bodies, but this new marathon challenge, however, has stainless steel runners. That is not because there are durable they are actually made of steel have a closer look at the first and only Robots Marathon in the video below and find out all the details behind this out of this world challenge.

Robots Marathon

Marathons are filled with these impressive runners with an amazing history, sometimes they run for a great cause like to raise funds for a particular foundation, others run out of a personal challenge while others do it just for the love and passion of it. But what motivates a super cool robot to get their steel butts in a race?

Well their creators are just having a blast with this marathon and let’s face it, it’s interesting idea and original, so what are we waiting for let’s find out what this is about.

The place of origin for this first robot marathon is in Osaka, Japan where their maker Vstone had this begin on Thursday and will last four days coming to an end on Sunday. Every robot is no more than 45cm tall, they expect to not fall during their 422 lap journey and win at the 100m track (26 miles or 42.2 kms ).

VStone Co,. Ltd was founded in August, 2002 in Osaka, Japan their mission is based on the “research, development, manufacture, Omnidirectional sensors, robots, and other robotics parts”, with this marathon they are looking forward to demonstrating their robots’ maneuverability and durability.

These days VStone has two other buildings in Japan and several distributors all over the world (Kumotek Robotics in the U.S, IT+ Robotics in Italy, Mirai Inter Technologies in Canada, Roboteshop in Australia and Armorn Hobby Shop in Thailand). You must definitely visit their website to watch these incredible creations run, well we have a promotional video below, but to get you more into this event they have a camera mounted on their head and you can watch that live stream right here.

Wondering how they came up with this idea? Well, Japan is a pioneer with these robots sports events, they had a soccer World Cup event twice already, the first in 1997 and second in 2005.

We won’t keep you from watching this amazing robot marathon challenge any longer so check out our video and share your comments about it.

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Japan’s Robots Marathon Video

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