NFL Urges Youth Concussion Laws in All States

February 24, 2011

In light of the suicide by former Chicago Bears player David Duerson, again the NFL urges youth concussion laws to be adopted by the whole country. They are already taking steps on their sidelines, but now they want everyone to help. More on this story, with photos and videos, is after the jump.

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Last week commissioner Roger Goodell sent letters to the 44 states that don’t have strong enough rules for protecting young athletes from these injuries. The Lystedt Law from Washington is their guideline and they are fighting hard for this one.

Zackery Lystedt got a concussion in 2006, but after an evaluation, he was allowed back in the game. Later he ended up in the hospital with life threatening injuries. As a result, it is now up to the medical examiners to decide whether or not a player can keep playing, and their rules are strict.

After the tragic death of Duerson last week, it was found that he had been more injured than he ever knew. These multiple concussions caused his personality to be altered and eventually led him to kill himself. Therefore the NFL is urging youth concussion laws to be passed. Goodell said in his letter:

“Given our experience at the professional level, we believe a similar approach is appropriate when dealing with concussions in all youth sports. That is why the NFL and its clubs urge you to support legislation that would better protect your state’s young athletes by mandating a more formal and aggressive approach to treatment of concussions.”

For the big leagues, it has been determined that anyone showing any signs of a concussion is prohibited from returning to the game. If they get their way the same type of guidelines will be used in all levels of play. What do you think of the NFL urging youth concussion laws? Enjoy these pictures and video, then leave me your comments below.

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Photos: Devorah, Joseph Marzullo

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