Amy Young Williams: Deron Williams’ Wife

February 23, 2011

Do you know if NBA player Deron Williams is married? Yes he is. Who is his wife? Her name is Amy Young Williams and she is fantastic!! Check out the rest of this story to know more about Mrs. Williams plus we have a sneak peek at the photos and video after the jump.

Deron Williams

So Amy’s hubby is well-known guy, just to fill you in with his info let us tell you that he is the 26 year old player from Parkersburg, West Virginia who also goes by the nickname D-Will. When he was in High School at West Colony in Texas he was involved in wrestling, but by the time he was at the University of Illinois, basketball was always on his mind and heart. When Amy came into his life he found himself between two passions that he has managed to juggle very well. From 2005 until February 2011 he has played for the Utah Jazz but on February 23rd, 2011 it was announced he was traded to the New Jersey Nets, so I guess we will be seeing more of Mrs. Williams in Jersey from now on, but in the meantime allow us to share some of her story.

Well that’s not entirely true, she has been in his life since both were very young, in fact second graders but they became friends and really close in High School, Ms. Young before getting married. Check out Amy’s pictures here (the second one is while both were at college).

Sadly there is limited information about this beautiful basketball wag, I guess that when celebrities in sports and showbiz want to keep a low profile, they definitely can do it.

So looking all over for Amy, hey that even sounded like a song, missed my point right? Well so she became Mrs. Young Williams ever since she got married to her basketball stud in 2006. Today she is a lovely wife and caring mother of her daughters Denae and Daija and son, Deron Jr., but she also is highly involved in hers and her husband’s charities, as you can see them here.

Amy Williams will for sure become a favorite Nets’ WAG in Jersey, she really is amazing, so tell me what do you think about Deron Williams’ wife?

Amy Young Williams Husband

Photos: Dimitri Haldikis

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