Ken Gee Ehrlich: WWE Candice Michelle’s Husband

February 23, 2011

Meet Ken Gee Ehrlich, he is WWE Diva Candice Michelle’s fantastic husband and father of her child. Follow us in our story where we will tell you many details about him and their family with the stunning Diva plus don’t miss the opportunity to share your comments. Photos and video after the jump.

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Ken’s wife is 32 year old super hot WWE Diva from Wisconsin. She moved to Los Angeles dreaming to become an actress, during that time she also met her soon to be hubby, but we will get to that later. So she had the chance to act, in fact she was featured in several movies and television shows but what sent her sky-high was the World of Women’s Wrestling, as she is today one of WWE’s most attractive and famous Divas. She was released two years ago ever since we think of her as the utterly awesome Go Daddy Girl who has enlightened our eyes in many Super Bowl commercials, with tremendous looks like hers it is not surprising how many guys dream about being with her, sadly for those guys in her heart there is only one guy, that lucky fella is Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich (remind me about asking how you pronounce his last name).

Are you wondering who is her husband? Well, he is 33 years old and an amazing, kind and simply phenomenal chiropractor in Los Angeles with more than 13 years experience. He graduated in 1998 in L.A from the Cleveland Chiropractic College, ironically medicine was not on his mind when he started college, he was studying music at the University of California Santa Barbara also known as UCSB, but faith had something very different prepared for Ken’s life.

When he was in a terrible car accident that threatened to leave his legs paralyzed he was afraid, he couldn’t play anymore, a friend talked him into getting help from a chiropractor. In a few months he was healed, a miracle he thought, a miracle that could be happening to many people, so why not give that to others and so he did. He got into Cleveland College and the rest is history, today his patients talk about the blessing Dr. Ken Ehrlich has been in their lives.

Not just in their lives, in the life of his lovely wife as well. So this gorgeous couple met some time around 1999 when she moved to L.A. and both were at the Key Club on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, how exactly they began dating is a mystery, but six years later wedding bells were ringing…

The got married on May 7th, 2005, four years later in November his wife released the amazing news that she was pregnant on her website, their baby girl AkiAnne Rose was born on May 23, 2010. This Valentine’s day Ken and his wife announced they will be parents for the second time, but sadly the terrible news about his wife suffering a miscarriage hit the news on February 22nd. Check out Ken’s interview here.

We feel so sad about that terrible news, our prayers are with them in this difficult time. Would you like to send him and his family a message? What other things do you know about Candice Michelle’s husband? Check out Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich’s photos and this amazing video below.

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Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich – Video
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