Russian Tennis Star Anastasia Myskina is Sexy and Biatchy

April 4, 2008

Anastasia Myskina is a Russian Tennis star. See a bio, video and photos below.

Anastasia Myskina is a favorite among many tennis fans. Her career has been marked with many triumphs. She has either a won or tied record with any Russian player she has played. She is known for showing a lot of spunk and drive on the court. She has famously said:

I know I can act a bit biatchy, but that’s my advantage.

Anastasia Andreyevna Myskina was born on July 8, 1981 in Moscow, Soviet Union. She began her professional career as a World Team Tennis player for the Springfield Lasers in 1998 when she was just 16 years old.

Anastasia has received the WTA Diamond Aces Award twice for her commitment to promoting the tour. Boris Yeltsin personally congratulated her when she won her first Tier 1 in Moscow. He also watched her become Russia’s first ever female Grand Slam champion at Roland Garros in 2004. She only played two matches in 2007 due to injuries and lost both. She is currently taking time off due to injuries and a pregnancy.

Anastasia is expecting her first child in May. She will not name the father of the child and says she will raise the baby on her own. She has been connected with several men over the years. Jens Gerlach is her German coach and also an ex-boyfriend. She’s also been linked to Austrian tennis pro J├╝rgen Melzer and Russian hockey player Konstantin Korneev. Its rumored that her current boyfriend is HC Dynamo Moscow hockey player Alexander Stepanov. Whoever it is, Anastasia isn’t saying!

In 2004 Anastasia tried to sue GQ magazine for publishing a set of nude photos she had sat for in 2002. One photo of her clothed had been published in the October 2002 edition of GQ. The nude photos weren’t published until after she won the French Open in 2004. She was unsuccessful in stopping the publication of the photos as she had signed a release for their publication. She claimed she didn’t speak English well at the time and didn’t realize that was what she was signing. All the same, she lost her lawsuit and the photos were published in the July/August issue of the Russian Magazine Medved. She was 20-years-old when the pictures were taken.

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    stacy antawn barrett Says:

    Stacy something Russian loved you first Anastatia Myskina for 100% for sure. Could it have been me?

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