Allison Mathis: Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama

February 22, 2011

It’s getting hot in here! The baby mama of Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh has possibly landed herself a new job on VH1’s Basketball Wives. Meet Allison Mathis. Learn more about her and see photos and a video right here!

Chris Bosh

Move over Royce Reed ‘cuz there’s a new mama in town! Be sure to check out pictures and videos below!

In terms of a biography, not much is known about Allison Mathis besides the fact that she is, indeed, Miami Heat superstar Chris Bosh’s baby mama. Together, they have a son. Back in 2009, she brought down the house with a tedious fight over paternity regarding payments for their son.

It’s always a dramatic change when a new basketball wife is thrown onto the court. As if there isn’t enough drama! But, with more emotion, comes good entertainment for all of us reality show junkies. I’m quite excited! Rumor has it that Allison could be replacing Royce Reed, Dwight Howard’s baby mama even though there has been no official confirmation of who’s to become disqualified.

I guess when it’s time to bounce, it’s time to bounce! Sources say that Mathis has already completed “three rounds of interviews” with the producers of VH1’s Basketball Wives and it’s looking like her spot on Season 3 could be a slam dunk!

So what does Royce Reed think about all this hoopla? Apparently the execs of the show believe that she is severely boring and could very well be up for elimination, but the question is…is she? In her defense, she calls it “petty and immature”. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and agree…it is what it is. Foul on the play!

Tell us what you think about the hopeful basketball wife Allison Mathis in the comment box. How will she team up with the other wives? Be sure to check out photos and a video clip below!

Allison Mathis Baby Daddy Photo 1Allison Mathis Baby Daddy Picture 2Allison Mathis Baby Daddy Photo 3
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Photos: Daly

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