Leigh LaMora: John Boehner’s Girlfriend?

February 17, 2011

Have you heard about United States House of Representatives speaker John Boehner getting involved in another alleged sex scandal? This time his alleged girlfriend is Leigh LaMora, a former press secretary for Joel Hefley. Keep reading to know all about this political scandal and find out more about her in our story plus Leigh’s photos and video provided below.

Leigh LaMora

Ms. LaMora’s alleged boyfriend is the 61 year old Republican politician who recently became the new speaker at the U.S. House of Representatives, for years the media has been mocking him about his crying and famous tan, but it wasn’t until last September that he gave media something to talk about concerning his personal life. You must remember we covered a story a about a certain lobbyist, Lisbeth Lyons, getting allegedly romantically involved with him, at that time it was the National Enquirer, the pioneers of that affair news. Today they have done it again, a second woman has been identified as his girlfriend, another woman involved in a torrid affair that might upset his voters and without a doubt has left his wife of 37 years Deborah Gunlack and daughters Tricia and Lindsay Boehner devastated.

So this second alleged girlfriend is 46 year old Leigh S. LaMora with whom he allegedly first had an affair with in 1997 when they met at a casino where a party was thrown by a lobbyist from Washington was being held.

Witnesses at that same party said about them…..

“After an hour of gambling, John led her away from the table and up a flight of stairs”

Ms. LaMora, a Government Relations Professional resides in the Phoenix, Arizona Area where she works as a Government Affairs Consultant, her profile said she attended college in 1982 until her graduation four years later. In 1994 she got a job as a Policy Director at the House Republican Conference of the US House of Representatives where she stayed for 10 years, during that time it was reported she worked for former Colorad¬≠o Congressma¬≠n Joel Hefley as his press secretary. She left in 2004 when she got her current job in Arizona, although it is unknown who she works for. You can see Leigh LaMora’s picture here. It was reported that from 2000 her salary was less than $20,000, 2001 she made over $92,000 and over a $100,000 the following year, check that out here.

What can you tell us about John Boehner’s girlfriend? Do you have any thoughts or additional information about Ms. Leigh LaMora? Check out the video below.

Leigh LaMora photoLeigh LaMora pictureLeigh LaMora 1

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