Charlie Sheen: Major League Sequel in the Works?

February 22, 2011

According to Charlie Sheen, a ‘Major League’ sequel is on the books! He is meeting with producers and has been talking to MLB pitchers about technique to reprise the role of Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn. For more developing details, with great photos and videos too, keep reading below.

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The celebrity has been trying to get back into his acting career after a few big bumps in the road. He is currently looking forward to starting his show back up and is trying to convince the world that we need another baseball flick.

This would technically be the 4th movie in this series, though the disgraced actor thinks the ’98 ‘Back to the Minors’ film shouldn’t be included. Charlie Sheen’s ‘Major League’ sequel doesn’t have a name or a cast and it is not even confirmed that it will happen. TMZ reports that for now he is just coming up with ideas and trying to learn from some pros.

This past weekend Brian Wilson, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants and some other MLB stars met at the actor’s LA house to talk technique and more. They all shared different experiences that may help Sheen get into character. Wilson said of the night:

“I was sitting there with producers and executives talking about pitching in pressure situations… I was asked to talk about my life, why I choose to work out hard, why I choose nutrition. Why being sober is easy to do. ‘Why are you thinking these ways? Why does it have such an impact on your life?’”

It seems like if this project happens, Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn’s character will have a lot of thought put into it. With this project, the road ahead looks busy for the actor, as he starts filming “Two and a Half Men” again next week after the unexpected break. Hopefully he won’t release the pressure with another wild and crazy night!

What do you think about the prospect of another ‘Major League’ sequel? Charlie Sheen is all for it and will keep working at it until someone tells him to stop. Would you go see this movie or are you tired of the series? After you check out these pictures and video, leave me your comments below!

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Photos: 47, FayesVision, Owen Beiny

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2 Responses to “Charlie Sheen: Major League Sequel in the Works?”

  1. 1
    john Says:

    yes i would definately watch another major league movie with charlie sheen in it but it also needs to have dennis haysbert in it or it would not be complete.they might also try to get some real MLB players to make the movie more real.

  2. 2
    Jonathan Says:

    I really hope they make this. I Loved the first two but the third one (The one without Sheen or Berenger) wasn’t very good. He’s gotta bring everybody back including the asian guy.I really hope that Bob Uecker finds himself well enough to narate the whole thing.