Ricky Nixon Sex Scandal With St. Kilda 17 year old (Video)

February 16, 2011

Ricky Nixon, the former Australian soccer player now sports agent, is involved in an ugly mess that included having an alleged relationship with a 17 year old school girl at St. Kilda. This girl has released a video tape as well as photos to back up her story while he is denying everything. Keep reading to know all about this sports scandal.

unidentified teenager

Mr. Nixon is the 47 year old former soccer player that started his career with Carlton in 1983, followed by St Kilda in 1986, Hawthorn in 1992 until he retired in 1993. The following year he started his journey as a sports agent and founded his own company, Flying Start. These days he is by far one of the most well known and respected sports agents. He is married with children, but when we first heard about this awful sex scandal surrounding him, we were shocked!

The story goes with this 17 year old girl, a student at St. Kilda that said she and Mr. Nixon allegedly had been sleeping together in her hotel room where he also allegedly provided her with alcoholic beverages and even did cocaine.

He admitted having visited her at her hotel room, merely as a request from her family who were worried about her health. According to his statement, she allegedly has been harassing him for over a year. Let me just add one thing here, this girl is the same girl who was given a court order to take down some nude photos of St. Kilda players from a Facebook or Twitter page, the same one who allegedly said she got pregnant with twins and a St. Kilda player allegedly was the father and the same girl who posted on her profile that she allegedly just likes to get people in trouble. Check out that 17 year old picture here.

Nixon had something to say in his defense, she allegedly stole his credit card info a year ago when she was at his office, he received a phone call from her allegedly saying she had been doing some serious damage to his credit card. The 17 year old girl from Karingal was taken into interrogation over alleged theft and drug possession, but she was released soon after.

But this girl is not giving up so easily and she had released a video tape where it shows a man who is allegedly Ricky Nixon, in his underwear climbing on a bed. You can see that video below.

She has also given a radio interview which you can listen to right here, she also added that he allegedly had a plan that consisted of her talking good things to a reporter from the Age who was publishing an article talking about the mess going on with St. Kilda, she also said she didn’t know he was married and also recalled the time when she allegedly ended up with a black eye after she hit her head on his car dash. According to the Herald Sun, the media she approached with the news, she refused to delete photos, inappropriate text messages and video footage of him from her cell phone, that allegedly got him in a really bad mood.

Share your comments about this story, do you believe she is telling the truth? Check out her video with Nixon at the hotel below.

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Alleged Ricky Nixon video with 17 year old girl
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