Richelle Baddeley: Aaron Baddeley’s Wife

February 21, 2011

Meet Richelle Baddeley, she is the absolutely amazing and stunning wife of PGA golfer Aaron Baddeley. Her hubby just won The Northern Trust Open after almost four years without winning. As usual his wife was by his side sharing his victory. Would you like to know more about her? Where is she from? When did they get married? Any children? Keep reading to know this and more details about this beautiful PGA WAG in our story. Photos and video can be seen below.

PGA Wife

Her husband is the 29 year old New Hampshire born but Australian citizen golfer. He just recently defeated Vijay Singh at the Northern Trust Open, or Nissan Open at the Rivera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California. He started playing at a very young age, won his first tournament before he was 20 years old when he also turned pro. His last win came in 2007 at the Waste Management Phoenix Open aka FBR Open in Scottsdale, Arizona. Like her hubby she is a Christian, is thankful for that and she has manageed to know when her hubby needs her support and when he just needs to be alone. It is a strong pillar in their household, the faith both share, but who is Baddeley’s utterly awesome wife?

We can tell you that starting with the fact that she used to be known as Richelle Robbins before getting married to her famous golfer, whom she met in the Summer of 2003. The first time they went out together they spent hours talking about God, this is what first connected them and how they knew they were meant to each other.

30 year old Richelle is from Scottsdale, Arizona, she used to run a daycare before getting married, after that she joined her famous hubby wherever golf takes him and her young sisters took over the day care. You see the great memories Mrs. Baddeley has about her beloved and big family comes from all the love, noise and laughter she shared growing up in a big family, who manages to attend as many tournaments as they can. You can see Richelle’s photos here.

They got engaged about two years after they started dating and got married in April 2005. She found out she was expecting their first child in 2008 but complications with her pregnancy sent her to bed-rest three months before giving birth. Her baby girl Jewell Kalaiah Baddeley was born on November 12th, she weighed 7 pounds and 12.5 ounces. Their second baby girl Jolee is nine months old. You can see Richelle Baddeley’s pictures with her daughters here.

Like many other wives and girlfriends Mrs. Baddeley gets involved with many charities, as you can see here, but she and her hubby are highly involved with Hope Kids.

Isn’t Aaron Baddeley’s Wife just awesome? She really is gorgeous and they have a beautiful family, please share your comments about Richelle Baddeley and additional info in our comments box below not before you check out the video below.

PGA Wife 1
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**Note* The girl in these pictures are not Richelle Baddeley.

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