Carlos Noe Gomez: Guatemala Xinabajul vice-president shot to death

February 20, 2011

The tragic news about Guatemalan soccer Club Deportivo Xinabajul’s official, Carlos Noe Gomez was shot to death after a bad game, this has shaken the world of sports all over. Keep reading our story to know more about this terrible news and to know more about Mr. Gomez plus watch the video and other photos provided below.


Mr. Carlos Noe Gomez was the vice-president of Deportivo Xinabajul when he was shot to death on Friday, February 18 2011, he was leaving from the Club board meeting and was ready to head home when he was intercepted by some gunman who shot him.

Detective Donald Gonzalez from the PNC aka Policia Nacional Civil, released the statement about the procedures over this crime, he added that at the moment no arrests have been made. According to Police reports, Carlos Gomez received threats on his life, reportedly from Xinabajul fans who were angry after the team performance on the field and because they are in last place on the ranking chart. He did approach police about these threats month ago.

in Guatemala said that just last November a player from Malacateco Football club was brutally murdered, chopped to pieces, and sent in a bag with a note saying that he had been messing around with other people’s women; allegedly by drug dealers, a suspect by the name of Elmer Aroldo Zelada Galdamez was incarcerated, but escaped a little after.

The team was founded in 1980, in Huehuetenango, located about 264 km from the city of Guatemala. Since 1980 they have gotten close to ascending into the first league but it wasn’t until last June that they finally made it when they defeated La Universidad de San Carlos in May 2010.

Mr. Carlos Gomez was 32 years old, two unidentified suspects got out of a black car and shot him 9 times killing him at the scene. According to Terra in Peru Xinabajul’s president Mauro Rodríguez, he received death threats himself following the killing of the Club’s Vice-president. The car of the suspects was guarded by a black SUV vehicle.

We will keep you informed with the latest news about this tragic incident, until that happens share your comments and express your condolences to Carlos Gomez’s family, don’t forget to check out the video below.



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