Rachel Rupert: NASCAR Miss Coors Light (Photos)

February 20, 2011

Meet Rachel Rupert she is the first and utterly beautiful NASCAR Miss Coors Light. Not only was she chosen over a hundred beauties but she also is a super NASCAR fan, would you like to know more about this stunning woman? Then check out the rest of her story and you’ll discover many interesting things about her plus don’t miss Rachel’s beautiful photos and video after the jump.

Rachel Rupert

This year at any NASCAR race we will not only have the chance to admire the beauty that characterizes all of the grid girls but Coors Light, the official Beer at NASCAR will introduce their first ever Miss Coors Light. That lucky girl is Rachel Rupert who was chosen over 100 other contestants, so how did she win? Well easy, first of all have you seen her? She is absolutely gorgeous, her smile is dreamy plus she is a long and big time NASCAR fan, so just to be surrounded by cameras on you and be the center of attention is great, but to be at every race, sharing with other NASCAR fans and interact with the drivers is a bit overwhelming for her.

25 year old Rachel Rupert was born in Greensboro, North Carolina where she went to school at Northwest Guilford High School and graduated in 2003. Her passion over car races comes from her father with whom she watched the races every Sunday, he was the one who took her when she was eight years old to Bristol Sports Speedway where she watched a race for the first time in her life.

Since watching that first race, she couldn’t stay away, so she herself began racing, she recalls in her opinion and experience one of the best tracks is Martinsville Speedway which happens to be also her favorite.

“I grew up going to races and watching NASCAR with my dad, so it truly is a lifelong dream come true to be a part of NASCAR and be the new face for Coors Light,” said Rupert, the face of the ‘world’s most refreshing beer. I love the intensity and the closeness of short track racing. There is nothing else like it!”

No other girl would have done a better job or fit better as Miss Coors Light, she really is perfect!! By the way she was chosen last September, that same moth in New Hampshire she made her debut. She will be in charge of presenting the Coors Light Pole award, and building a relationship with fans at events and on their website. As a plus she also gets to interact with fans.

Ms. Rupert lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is a retired hairdresser, model, works at GMR Marketing, enjoys listening to music by Britney Spears and Miranda Lambert, Angels and Demon, among others, is her favorite book. Regarding movies she loves Sherlock Holmes just like she enjoys shooting skeet, fishing, shopping and photography.

It will be so very nicccce to see Rachel Rupert on the track anytime, right? What do you think about the new NASCAR Miss Coors Light isn’t she awesome? Check out the pictures and videos below.

Rachel Rupert photoRachel Rupert 1Rachel Rupert PhotoRachel Rupert 1 2Rachel Rupert photo 1Rachel Rupert picture
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Rachel Rupert Video
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